How to Be a Successful Communicator While Working From Home

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Remote work is no longer a luxury facilitated to special employees. More than a privilege it is a necessity. World truly is a global village and the benefits of easy accessibility should be availed by business firms in form of talented employees, regardless of boundaries. Other than that also, remote work is becoming a way of working for local as well as Global employees.

It is now a necessity and companies are adapting to this new work culture,Guest Posting either forcefully or by choice. However, when it comes to remote work the most important issue faced by every remote worker is mishaps in communication. You see, remote work drains the essence that lies in an in person communication. It is extremely important to communicate appropriately if one is working from home.

These tips on successful communication will help you in maintaining smooth communication while working from home.

  1. Set communication terms

While working from home you cannot walk upfront and get your problems solved. You need to communicate through communication channels available at your resource. It varies from normal phone call to video conferencing, emails and chat tools. Now, you cannot call every time a minor inconvenience arrives or wait for a person to reply to your urgent mails. You need to set clear communication channels with concerned person. When to use what medium or mode of communication. This would leave no room or confusion or mis-communication.

  1. Set time frames

While working remotely it would be wrong to expect the other person to be completely free or vice-verse. Set clear timelines about your availability and know when could you freely call the other colleague. Set time frames mutually so that you could manage your time by staying available for essential communication.

  1. Invest in essential communication tools

Remote workers needs to be equipped with essential collaborative software and communication technology so that they could communicate easily. Usually it is the responsibility of company to ensure that remote workers have an easy access to essential software for easy functioning. If remote work is the prominent way of your work style, investment in efficient communication tools and software is essential. Get yourself a customised software developed in accordance to your company needs. Remote work could be successful only when the line of communication is effective.

  1. Always keep a check on tone

An only disadvantage to remote work is difficulty in deciphering the tone of communication. You cannot truly understand the tone unless you talk with a concerned person in person. So if you’re adapting written communicating methods in your remote work culture, make sure you make a use of correct language. Proof read every message before sending so that there is no misinterpretation of tone and message. It is of extreme importance to adapt precise and concise writing skills.

  1. Add methods of visual communication

Instead of opting audio form of telephonic communication, it is advisable to adapt video conferencing methods. Video calling allows you to make up for in person communication as it is easier to decipher the tone, expressions and context. This form of communication leaves no room for confusion given that the communication tools are effective.

Incorporate the essentials of communication soft skills especially if remote work is your way of work. Keep an extra check on your written and verbal communication while working from home.

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