Disadvantages of frequent use of social media

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Social networking is working to provide people comfort and make them connected to the world, but on the other hand, it is the main cause for the damage to human lives, careers, educational interest and many more things.

Social media has created hype on the international level. People are so much involved in it that they are using it for every purpose whether it is related to education,Guest Posting business or to get in touch with the friends. It has all the qualities in it that fulfill the needs of human beings. It also has some disadvantages, which are not good for the human beings.


There are many hackers available on the social networking sites, who humiliate common people as well as the celebrities. A few days back Pakistani UK wrestler and his wife’s twitter accounts were hacked by some hacker, and that hacker spread the rumors about their personal life.

Health issues

When a person uses a social network, then he has no idea about the time that how much time he has wasted, this creates mental and physical problems in the human body, and is also one of the most popular causes of obesity among the youngsters. In the past children were fond of playing outdoor activities and games, but now their whole concentration is towards the computer games that are harmful to the growth of the child’s body.

Loss of money in companies

The productivity of many companies has decreased due to the excessive use of social media during the office time, and now many companies have banned social networking sites during the office timings.

Connectivity with the strangers

Social media is specifically for the teenagers, who get so much involved with the strangers, and they make them their friends and develop relationships with them. These online relations are temporary and always become the cause of the destruction for many young boys and girls. Strangers are usually using them by their so-called friendship for their mean.

It, on the other hand, results very negatively; sometimes these strangers threat and molest the youngsters, which become the cause of suicidal deaths among teenagers.

Things are not personal

On the internet, people share their personal home address, numbers, location and the most important thing is the photos of their recent events. This information gets public, and some hackers use this information for evil purposes.

Cyber bullying

You can make fun of any one including the politician. There are many people, who are posting their views, editing the photos of many celebrities and making jokes about them. Cyber bullying is a type of a crime in which you can hurt feelings of others.

Reduce the charm of real contacts

Due to the social media, things have changed, the world is shrinking day by day, but the natural interaction with the friends, families, and relative have vanished from our lives. These social sites attract people because they can communicate with anyone, and it has created the bridge between the families and friends that did not exist before the intervention of social networking.

Loss of motivation

The use of social sites distracts students, and they only have the interest to use these sites for the whole day and enjoy there with their friends.  In the past students were motivated by the environment and people in their surroundings. Now the social sites have played a great role in the decrease in the academic performance of many students.

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