Office Administration Course as a Career

Dec 14


Mildrith Bowen

Mildrith Bowen

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Why Office Administration course is the best option to pursue as a career. What are the career opportunities and pay rate in Canada. Read the whole article to get an idea! Office Admin is a professional career option.


Office Admin post is hard to attain but with the help of professional study such as diploma course of office administration,Office Administration Course as a Career Articles it gives you an upper edge and brings you ahead the league. Now, the question arises, why should someone enroll in an officeadministrationcourse? 

An administrator can be defined as one who is responsible for carrying out duties in the office in an appropriate manner. For instance, a person wishing to apply for a leave must undergo a proper method else the employee may face a payroll issue, that means one must consult human resource, or a Manager needing data is required to request the secretary to retrieve it; all such functions are administrated by an Office Administrator. 

An administrator’s job is to oversee a set of day-to-day activities which are associated with maintaining personnel records, financial planning, record-keeping, maintaining files, billing, logistics and so on. It involves the most critical task of ensuring that resources are available for smooth functioning like coordinating repairs of office equipment required for work, submitting requests for added resources, etcetera. It also includes maintaining office supplies, printer cartridges, paper and simultaneously keeping a note of the estimated budget. 

The office administration of a company has got to cover many activities and responsibilities. This can only be led by proper organizing, sorting, and controlling things targeting business accomplishments and targets. 

The average salary for an Office Administrator is/$20.59/per hour in Canada. Salary estimates are based on 7,192 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Office Administrator employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. The typical tenure for an Office Administrator is 1-3 years. 

The success of any business depends upon the efficiency of office administration. The increase in productivity, employee satisfaction together with perfect work management are all advantages of an able office administration. It also focuses on the physical environment of the office like light, seating, space, tidiness, etcetera. 

So, the office administration as a process should control and coordinate different sectors of an office with the clear idea of leading the business to fulfill its predefined targets and make sure that its growth and development are not halted by any kind of obstacle.