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Time is something we all get the same amount of in terms of a 24 hour day.  How we choose to use that time or view it is where perspectives can vary widely.  Some feel that they are at the mercy of time. 

I am currently working with a number of clients that are nearly half my age.  It has been a pleasure to do so.  The enthusiasm that these clients show in wanting to move their lives forward is infectious.

One thing that does amuse me though is when there is a goal that one of them is looking to reach and they say to me,Guest Posting “I need to get moving on this goal because I’m running out of time to get it accomplished.”  First when you are twice the age of your clients you tend to say to yourself, if they’re running out of time, what does that say about me?  However, one of the things that both life experience and coach training remind you is that there is only such a thing as “running out of time,” only if you choose to believe that perspective.  There is always time to devote to whatever it is you want to accomplish if you choose to do so.

Time is something we all get the same amount of in terms of a 24 hour day.  How we choose to use that time or view it is where perspectives can vary widely.  Some feel they are at time’s mercy.  Others feel they need to control time and schedule everything down to the letter.  It gets rarer to find the individual who looks at time as something which just passes and that it is theirs to enjoy and use as they wish.

Five years ago, I had barely heard of the concept of coaching.  Certainly, I did not envision making it as much a part of my life as I have.  I knew I was nearing the end of my first career.  In fact, I had made the choice to move on from that career after having experienced life changing events about one year prior.  While I knew what I wanted to move away from at the time, I did not know what may be next for me.  Not knowing what was next did not overwhelm me.  In fact the events of the prior year, and all that led up to them, had strangely provided me a calming feeling that whatever was meant to be would eventually make itself known.  As I reflect back as to where I am now, and where I continue to head with my life, I find that I was not only correct in that belief, but it continues to govern how I approach each day.

We live in an “instant gratification” generation.  It is also very natural to compare where we are in our life with those around us.  Media continually attempts to tell us what it is we should have, what is going to make us happy, that “time is running out” in terms of getting that product or experience we crave.  However, truly enjoyable experiences evolve throughout our lives.  Our tastes change depending on where we are at particular stages of our life.  How we choose to enjoy experiences is always in our control.  We can engage with the intensity we choose, or walk away if something is not for us.  Remembering we always have that choice is part of the struggle.

If you feel you are “running out of time,” step back and challenge yourself if that is true.  What would really happen if what you hoped to experience now happened at a later stage of your life?  If you chose to “enjoy the journey” as opposed to “rushing to the goal,” would your life really be any better?  Whether you are 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of age or beyond, you are only “running out of time,” if you choose to point the stopwatch in that direction.

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