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While “professional clogs” might sound like they are somehow related to the European sport of clogging, they instead are must have’s for those in the medical field. Doctors and nurses know that in order to do their job right their feet need to be comfortable and having the right clogs can make all the difference.

Professional clogs? When you read that,Guest Posting what immediately comes into your head? For me, when I first heard that phrase I automatically thought that they were a line of clogs for clogging competitions in Holland. There has to be some type of professional clogging league in Europe, right? I mean, I have no idea how they score it, but I’m sure they have some type of expensive clogs they buy from suppliers that give them superior clogging ability, right (I know, I know, I’m saying clogs a lot)?

Anyway, I completely digress. To my surprise professional clogs does not have anything to do with dancing, but instead have to do with the medical field. You see, may they be doctors or nurses, people in the medical field love wearing professional clogs. Why? Well, not only are they comfortable for professionals who are on their feet all day, but they are also breathable while being stain resistant. Most clogs can be cleaned with either a cloth or a little spot of water. This is absolutely paramount for a doctor. There is a lot of fluid that a doctor comes across throughout the day. The last thing you want is to have your shoes stain a day after buying them.

Looking at the description of professional clogs online, you notice that the makers do have comfort in mind as much as practability. According to several websites which sell them, a few of the highlighted features of the professional clogs includes: absorbent insoles, protective heel caps, reinforced padded insteps, a roomy toe box for increased comfort, a stabilizing PVC insert, a shock-absorbing flexible PU sole, and, very importantly for a doctor, a skid-resistant outsole. Other clogs may feature additional features and because professional clogs seem to run around $110-$120 it is a good idea to carefully study them all and take your investment rather seriously.

Style wise, the clogs come in a variety of practical designs and colors. For men such styles include both Professional Oil Clogs which come in red, brown and black and its cousin, the shinier, Professional Cabrio line which comes in black, red and blue. Women can also pick from the Carbria and Oil lines but also have the choice of some designer clogs featuring leopard print designs, snake skin patterns, flower patterns, zebra stripes and, yes, even a “brown cow” design. How could you not pass up the chance to wear a brown cow clog? Sounds like a winner to me.

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