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There is no question that there are good and bad résumé writers out there. This person works for you with your money. You must thoroughly weigh your options and investigate aspects of each potential writer’s business before making a decision. This person should have a genuine interest in assisting the public, not just making money.

Some things you need to explore are listed below including the writer’s website,Guest Posting portfolio, credentials, and testimonials.

1.      The writer you choose should have some type of certification or other credential in the field and the experience to serve a wide array of professionals in various industries. You can verify the writer’s credentials through the certification organization’s website.

2.      The writer should have full contact information available on their website. Do not use anyone who gives only an email address. Should you need to file a complaint or take other recourse action, you need more than just an email address.

3.      Testimonials or recommendations should be complimentary about both the writer’s skills and customer service. These may be viewable on the writer’s website, LinkedIn profile, or both.

4.      Read any articles the writer has written about the job search industry to determine whether this person appears to have an adequate command of grammar, effective word choice, and industry knowledge. You may also be able gauge the writer’s personality a bit. This person should have a genuine interest in assisting the public, not just making money.

5.      Be informed the writer’s policies about payment terms, confidentiality, and any revisions you request. These policies should be readily available to customers on the writer’s website.

6.      Contact the writer to determine fees, ask questions, and communicate your expectations. Your writer should be willing to work with you until your vision for your end result is satisfied. Résumé development is a collaborative effort between you, who know your experience and skills, and the writer, who has the expertise to present your information in the most effective form for employers.

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