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In the old days (say 10 or 15 years or more ago) recruitment companies only advertised their Recruitment Vacancies in the newspapers. Nowadays,Guest Posting with the advent of the Internet revolution, they are progressively taking up the opportunities offered by the Internet Jobs Boards.These so-called jobs boards are in fact inter-active web-sites upon which the job-seekers are invited to register their requirements, and the employers are invited to post their Recruitment Vacancies(or any other vacancies, for that matter). These boards are becoming so effective that many good candidates only do their job-seeking on-line these days.At any one time the jobs board would have a considerable collection of job-seekers details and requirements. Then, if an employer posts some Recruitment Vacancies the jobs board's computers will immediately identify appropriate candidates and alert them, by Email, to the vacancy.The spectacular growth of this new "industry" is probably down to two factors. The continually reducing costs of computer equipment and Internet access, and the fact that the up-coming generations are more computer literate than their parents. Recruitment companies that are not already starting to advertise their Recruitment Vacancies on this new medium would be wise to take note.The growth on this new means of advertising has changed the recruitment market quite significantly. In the old days recruitment companies would need to spend thousands of pounds a month advertising their Recruitment Vacancies, and this would mitigate against smaller (and start-up) companies. But with this new method of on-line advertising being effective, and available at a fraction of this cost, smaller companies are now in with a better chance of being competitive.Generally speaking Internet jobs boards come in two varieties. Firstly there are the "universal" kind of boards where employers can post any job, in any industry, anywhere. Then there are boards that are aimed at specific industries, or specific geographical areas. They are easy to find. For example to find boards specialising in Recruitment Vacancies, simply type the words recruitment vacancies into the google search engine and do a search. Then check out the web-sites. See how much they charge, see who's advertising their Recruitment Vacancies on it and how many jobs they are already advertising. Candidates, of course, would not normally expect to pay anything to register, but if you are a recruitment agency considering advertising on the site, you could always ask for a free trial. Failing this, as a recruitment agency, you could always contact some of the other Recruitment Vacancies advertisers and ask their opinion of the site.

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