What are the Common Myths About Jobs for Freelance Writers in India?

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There are tons of myths about freelance academic writing jobs in India. In this article, we have discussed some myths and tried to look at the reality of each one. Freelancing can indeed be a rewarding experience for writers.

The current scenario of work is undergoing a major transformation,Guest Posting not witnessed since the Industrial Revolution. Technology innovation is changing the traditional work structure. Big companies are extending their workforce by hiring more freelancers, non-traditional workers and consultants. Individuals are opting out of traditional 9 to 5 job and choosing freelancing over it. Self employment is taking off in a big way in India, with more scope for individuals to be on their own. There are more jobs for freelance writers in India now than there was 5-6 years back. There are a lot of misconceptions about freelancing, especially about freelance academic writing jobs in India. In this article, we will discuss the common myths about freelancing and look at the reality of each one.

What are the common myths about freelance writers in India?

A myth is like a story that goes around, develop over time and assume a life of their own. There are tons of myths about freelancing that develop out of overcautious fear and unrealistic expectations. Here are a few myths about freelance writers in India:

  • Freelancers spend their day on non-work related activities

Freelancers have flexible working hours that allow them to follow their interest, care for their family and avoid the rat race. But they also value their work. They are striving to build a good reputation for a job well done. What we tend to ignore is the long hours and late nights of dedicated work they devote to each project. Freelancers balance their flexibility with effort and time management skills. They know when they are most productive and make use of it. They stay true to the deadline and adjust their workload to meet them.

  • Freelancers don’t have resources of large companies

Freelancers are efficient at their work. They have enough confidence in their ability to step out on their own. To become more successful and reputable, they invest in tools for their trade, and use them as experts. They are serious about freelancing and constantly upgrade their skills. They need to learn to build strong networks for gaining more jobs. They can join communities and online forums, ask their questions on Twitter and polish their skills.

  • Freelancers don’t have the leverage of a large company

Freelancers don’t have the overhead of big organizations but they offer competitive rates. If the job is right, they may be willing to negotiate on their rates. But if an organization wants to build a positive and ongoing relationship with a freelancer, they need to pay them according to their worth. Freelancers have the ability to recognize bad clients, and may be apprehensive to work with you in future. Freelancers use hourly rate calculator to plan their move ahead, assess the value of each client and learn strategies to explain the fair rate for each job.

  • Freelancers are unsupervised

Freelancers take pride in their job since they are self employed. Unlike other employees, a freelancer’s business and reputation both are at stake. They have the elasticity and determination to work for long hours, often at such times when everyone is asleep. Freelancers have a sense of responsibility and good time management skills. They also know how to evaluate their work and workflow. They are acutely aware of the time of day when they work best and when they are most creative. They performance rate is better under pressure and they find deadlines stirring.

  • Freelancers are financially insecure

Given the current scenario of today’s economic environment, we all know how financially secure we are. It may look like a safer option to work for a big organization but the truth may be completely different. Not all companies are as well-off as they appear. A freelancer can have financial security only when he/she has multiple income streams coming from multiple clients. Even if a company goes out of business, a wise freelancer will have enough clients to continue paying them.

Keeping aside the myths, freelancing is a rewarding experience. It gives you the ability to control your career. It may be tough initially but if you stick to it, you will eventually gain the potentiality to set your own working hours, determine your own rates and work with much coveted companies.

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