4 VoIP Solutions to prefer – Enhance your Small Business Communication

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If you are looking for the best yet affordable VoIP service for small businesses then continue your reading to know the best VoIP providers

If you are looking for the best yet affordable VoIP service for small business then continue your reading to know the Best VoIP providers – In contrast to the traditional phone system,Guest Posting a VoIP phone system comes with numerous features at no extra cost.


VoIP Advantages

A portion of the advantages of utilizing a business VoIP solution are:

Adaptability: You can make or get telephone calls utilizing your PC, portable applications, and VoIP gadgets (extraordinary for remote organizations or voyaging business people)

Adaptability: Internet business telephone frameworks are versatile without purchasing more telephone lines or equipment

Cost: They’re cost-effective for small businesses and startups

In this blog, we’ll compare the best business VoIP systems and help you to decide the best one for your needs.

We’ve created a handy table of contents so you can skip ahead to the VoIP service you’re interested in:


Grasshopper is one of the world’s most popular business VoIP phone system, especially for small businesses.

The virtual phone system tool has pushed itself into being one of the industry leaders. For example, the tool allows you to capture local toll-free numbers and national numbers, and there is no hardware required.

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Effortless Call Forwarding
  • 100% Software based infrastructure
  • Built-in business texting


Jive Hosted VoIP is one of the efficient and cost-effective options in the industry for your business phone system to choose. It’s reliable and robust cloud VoIP service helps thousands of businesses simplifying how they manage their phone and conferencing setup.

Jive Voice is a proficient and financially savvy online telephone framework for your business. It is quite easy for new users to install set up of Jive on any device and run it on the cloud without any hassles. So you can experience the best telephone quality regardless of where you are or what number of employees you have. Some of the features include:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Instant Messaging
  • Data Security
  • Tech and Customer support


VoIPly is a reliable and robust cloud business phone service provider for small scale businesses.

Unlimited Calling

Users can opt for unlimited calling plan where they can make outgoing for unlimited number of minutes*.

Online Faxing

Send and receive faxes using your phone, tablet or laptop.

Business Texting

Message anyone from anywhere with our SMS app.

Free Desk Phones

Get a FREE desk phone for every employee.

Enterprise Mobility

With Voiply.Online your phone system travels with you.

Smart Apps

Use apps to automate your business phone system.



Enhance Your Business Communication at just $4.99/month

Over 80% of the unlimited calling plans go unused for a business. So, why pay more when you can pay less with ‘banter’…….!

Give your business the banter advantage, an IP phone system that helps businesses with reliable Voice and Fax solutions that works on all platform like PC, Desk phone, Laptop, and Smartphones.

Banter has a proven record to have saved up to 70% of the cost of communication when compared with top providers in the industry.

Why merely believe our words, get a number for just $4.99/month and be a witness of the easy and uninterrupted communication of your business.

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