Comparing Satellite and Cable High Definition Options

Dec 28


David Johnson

David Johnson

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It seems the perfect storm has arrived in the high definition TV market that means that now more then ever before is the time to think about buying the high definition TV set that you have always dreamed about. Oversupply, dismal Christmas season numbers reported by retailers and a natural drop in electronics prices globally has brought down the cost of high definition TVs in stores across America.

Add to that the fact that satellite TV service providers are now building on their high definition programming repertoires at exponential proportions and are now reaching numbers that could only be dreamed about just a few years ago. The result is that now when it comes to comparing satellite and cable high definition programming there simply is no comparison and an analogy would be comparing a golf cart to a Corvette.Cable companies are at a technological disadvantage but that isn't the only reason that they lag so far behind satellite TV service provider in terms of high definition channels. The other reason is that the thinkers in the cable industry drastically misjudged how far they would end up behind satellite TV service providers and how fast it would happen. Had cable companies invested heavily in research and development aimed at solving their high definition handicap early on,Comparing Satellite and Cable High Definition Options Articles they would now be playing a competitive high definition game.Cable companies strategists figured that while satellite service providers would maintain a certain lead in high definition it would remain marginal at best into the foreseeable future. So, they focused their recourses elsewhere, into areas such as on demand pay per view which they have heavely promoted as the reason to choose cable over satellite.It was a big mistake on their part, because two things have taken place. One of them is that more people went out and bought high definition TV sets than cable companies thought would and the satellite TV service providers have totally blasted past estimates of the number of high definition channels that they would have at this time. It was DirecTV that really pulled a rabbit out of their hat, because after lagging behind Dish Network since the advent of high definition programming, they recently adjusted their high definition channel number to seventy-two. Dish Network at the last count logged in with thirty-eight and they both have notified their viewers that they will be at one -hundred mark very soon. Where does this leave cable service providers? Actually it is good news for them, because the war is over although they have lost. Cable will have great on demand pay per view options but they can never catch up to satellite TV service providers in the arena of high definition. This is not good news for people that can't get satellite TV such as apartment dwellers and people that are blocked in and can't get satellite reception. For those who can get satellite TV service it is great news and the news gets even better, because as more and more people request high definition satellite TV, the leading service providers are in hot completion to out do each other in terms of channel numbers.