Glamour in Fashion Media in the 50's

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1950's glamour bought revolution in the fashion industry.

The era witnessed street style fashion,Guest Posting as trendy clothing became accessible to the masses. Fashion was no longer restricted to the social elites and thus became a major part of the society. With influx of beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, the fashion of 1950's became everlasting. These women showcased all the fashion trends, from bikini to Christian Dior chick look. Let's have a look at the fashion highlights of the 1950's.

Marilyn Monroe:

An American actress and a model, Marilyn Monroe won the hearts of millions for decades. She ruled the fashion industry with her beauty and charisma. She was regarded as a sex symbol of the 1950's mainly because of her roles as dumb blond in the movies. Her quotes are still famous on the internet.

Christian Dior:

The fashion designer transformed the look of women in 1950's. His collection of nipped, hourglass shapes gave women the freedom from fashion oppression which triggered during the Second World War. With his new look, women became trendier than ever.

Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy:

In 1953, Audrey became famous from her lead role in "Roman Holiday". The heavenly beauty after her success, paired with Cue Hubert de Givenchy to become a style icon. 1954, Givenchy made his debut with the first costume of Audrey's character "Sabrina". The outfit became a success in the fashion industry and the duo sustained to team up together. The iconic little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's is by Givenchy.

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation:

Queen Elizabeth II won over 20 million audience on her Coronation's day in 1953. People were eager to see her Norman Hartnell dress. The queen draped in heavy embroidery, a cape of gold tussle and lavish jewelry on her big day that made her the style queen as well.

Elvis Presley:

The "King of Rock and Roll" is Elvis Presley. He was American singer and actor. Because of his good looks and swagger, he became the iconic celebrity of the 20th century. He introduced the fashion of eye liner for guys and high waist trousers. He marked the fashion of both genders in the late 50's. Elvis Presley's first album was released in 1956. His style is still copied by many men.

Channel Reinvented:

Even before the war, Coco Chanel was a trendsetter. However, her designs were upgraded in the 1950's that are still in fashion. Her iconic suit is stylish with slim tweed with contrasting bound edges. Also, it has nipped waists which gives an elegant appearance. Even today, the Channel suit is to die for.

The fashion of 1950's showed varied panaches. The styles were highly chic, classier yet conventional.

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