How VoIP Telephony can turn around Hotel Industry Fortunes

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Hotel Phone RIP! Experts are making this statement. there is a reason for that. They realized that the days of conventional phones are numbered…right?

Hotel Phone! RIP! Many industry experts are making this statement. But there’s a reason for that. Perhaps,Guest Posting they realized that the days of conventional phones are numbered…right?

Because success in this fast-moving environment requires how agile you are to react quickly. End of the day, it’s beyond handling incoming calls & more. If the hotel industry switch to Cloud-Based VoIP technologies, they can leverage it's cost-effective & state-of-the-art features like advanced call waiting, wake-up calls, voicemail, etc., to make sure that the business phone is an important asset across the establishments.

Hotel (Hospitality) Industry - VoIP Benefits

Maximize Reservations and Bookings:

VoIP phone service is adept at not leaving any call unanswered. Listed out are the array of features which would make the prospects & customers to have a hassle-free booking & experience better customer service

  • Auto Attendant– this feature provides a menu of options to route callers to the right department at the right time making the bookings or enquires no chance of missing or unanswered.
  • Custom on hold music/messaging– Playing music or any important announcements to entertain callers while on hold to engage the customers
  • Click to Call– this feature allows customers to call you by clicking on a link from your website or email
  • Find me/Follow me- Connect customers to a specific hotel staff who may be out of the office whenever….wherever so that they would not miss the call

Personalize Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages of hosted VoIP solutions are that the integration of various CRM (Customer Relation Management) tools such as Salesforce, Zen desk, etc., with the VoIP system.

  • To record and manage customer interactions, make them into meaningful data & offer the same on a single the platter is the USP of the CRM tools. With this data in place, identifying the customer needs and addressing them would be easy for the staff members
  • With hotel’s CRM software integration with a VoIP business phone system – lucrative customer information is easily accessible to all the teams ensuring all the works to be facilitated without a lag…right from the front desk to customer service to billing.
  • This exercise of reacting quickly ensures that employees provide personalized customer service & over a period of time it calls for ‘customer loyalty’ and that is the biggest asset for the industry to sustain

Cost Effective Solutions

With cloud-based VoIP solutions, establishments of Hospitality industry like hotels, resorts, and other lodging facilities can multifold their bottom line by minimizing costs.

  • No more shelling out huge costs on calling fees, maintenance, and repair costs associated with a traditional landline
  • VoIP business phone offers zero to minimal upfront costs, unlimited calling or low per-minute rates as well as affordable monthly subscription plans.
  • The same benefits of low-cost calling can be passed on to the guests all at no extra expense as an extra complementary service

Accuracy in Tracking the Performance of Campaigns

With VoIP telephone tracking the performance of promotional campaigns of the resorts or hotels are easy and accurate so that the management can take meaningful decisions

  • Hospitality industry indulges in devising various promotional campaigns & lucrative offers to attract prospects and customers.
  • These establishments can use the ‘virtual numbers’ specifically for the campaigns devised. Which can be published across the media channels the promotions are made, for instance, hotel website, mailers, print ads, etc.
  • By tracking the calls & the responses to the ad campaigns, the management can assess and analyze the performance of the campaigns which helps them to devise better campaigns.

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