Nokia 6600 Fold – Very Stylish, Elegant, and Affordable

Dec 11


Faith Hill

Faith Hill

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The Nokia 6600 fold mobile phone has some nice features to flaunt along with the advanced features that most of the other phones are equipped with. It comes at an affordable price and is a quite good buy if you are looking for a decent model equipped with all the required features.


Nokia’s 6600 Fold mobile phone with a 3G clamshell flaunts an OLED screen of 2.13 inches. This screen uses 16 million colors to provide crystal clear images. It’s a child’s play to unfold the Nokia 6600. The button to unfold the phone has been systematically placed at the side of the handset. So you can conveniently unfold the phone without fumbling much with the handset and its other controls!

The Nokia 6600 fold mobile phone lets you choose between 2 glossy colors – purple and black. This phone also provides a second option for the display. It is located at the outer shell of the handset. To activate this display, Nokia 6600 Fold – Very Stylish, Elegant, and Affordable Articles you need to tap the encasing two times. The information related to the calls and messages is displayed here. Interestingly, you can also inactivate the alarm by using the tap method. This method is something that is unique to the Nokia 6600 fold phone.

This mobile phone also has a camera of 2 mega pixels. The digital zoom of 8 xs is excellent and the camera also has a double LED flash. However, these features do not exactly enhance the quality offered by 2 mega pixels. Moreover, since this is a lower-end phone, the quality of the camera will not bother its consumers much.
The phone also includes a memory of 15 MB. You can increase this memory to 4 GB by installing a Micro SD™ card. A memory card of 512 MB already accompanies this phone.

The phone’s music player supports all major formats of media such as MP3, WMA, etc. A stereo headset is also provided with the phone. You can control the player or the radio with this headset without even touching the handset. So if you are walking with the handset in your pocket, just use your headset to operate your music!
The battery of this 6600 Fold handset lets you converse for a period of 4 hours. The standby time that the battery offers is around 300 hours. The phone also provides the connectivity options such as Bluetooth and USB.