Satellite TV Brings More Choices in Asian Cultural Programming

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Of all of the TV programming service providers that are available in todays marketplace only satellite TV has truly stepped up to the plate and answered the call for more multicultural programming.

DirecTVs Korean ProgrammingSBS is a twenty-four hour a day programming channel that you can use to stay abreast of all the latest movie and variety show programming coming out of Korea. Its a great channel that is sure to keep you well entertained.SBS Plus brings you all of the best in Korean movie and drama programming and it goes on for twenty-four hours a day. It features both contemporary and classic movies and screen plays.MBC is a twenty-four hour channel that happens to be one of the most popular Korean language networks on the air today in North America. It contains a well thought out blend of family oriented programming,Guest Posting including children's programming, news , movie and talk. YTN is a highly informative twenty-four hour a day news channel that can be seen as a Korean language CNN.CTS is a twenty-four hour a day programming channel that specializes in Korean Christian programming. It brings a wide mix of testimonies and sermons along with great worship and praise programming as well. DirecTVs Vietnamese ProgrammingTVB Vietnam brings you all of the best in classic, modern and contemporary movies and screen plays, all captioned in English language. You get everything from American classics to martial arts and popular action films. Because it is captioned in English, its a great channel for bilingual households. VHN-TV is the number one channel for traditional Vietnamese programming. This programming channel specializes in cultural awareness programming and Vietnamese history. It does it with a clever blend of comedy, drama, educational programming as well as public service and current events programming as well as news.SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network) bring you a fantastic mix of programming that goes on for twenty-four hours a day. You can expect a broad blend of talk shows, children's programming, modern movies, sports, news, and so much more. Dish Networks Korean Programming.KBS WORLD is a Korean language channel that is captioned in English. It carries a wide variety of programming that includes movies, news, documentaries and so much more.ONGAMENET is a very popular twenty-four hour programming channel that is entirely devoted to the video game industry. It includes news, competitions, and an assortment of video game related programming direct from Korea.WOW-TV brings you all of the latest international business news twenty-four hours a day. You can expect up to date stock market reports from all of the worlds stock markets as well as news and information on market trends. JSTV brings you twenty-four hour a day Korean language Christian programming for the whole family to enjoy. Its vast repertoire includes but is not limited to music, bible study, general worship, business and Christian related news topics. ARIRANG-TV is a twenty-four hour a day channel that is broadcast live from Korea. It features all of the latest Korean movie releases as well as news, situational comedies, daytime dramas, music, financial news and so much more.BTN is twenty-four hour Buddhist programming that covers a broad range of related topics. Its vast repertoire includes vegetarian cooking shows, mass and worship, meditation and news topics related to Buddhism worldwide.

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