Statistical Comparisons of Satellite TV Service Providers

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Over the past decade satellite TV has been becoming the choice for more and more discriminating Americans when they watch their TV sets. Over the past year or so satellite TV service providers have given even more people reasons to switch from their current service providers to satellite by adding more channels and feature options than ever before.

The Three Satellite Service Providers In the U.S.Sky AngelDish NetworkDirecTVProviders Basic StatisticsDirecTV: began its existence in 1994 with the launch of its first satellite that broadcast inn an entirely digital format which was a first for TV viewers. With a current customer base of 15 million viewers DirecTV stands at the pinnacle as the largest satellite TV service provider in the U.S market. DirecTV is currently ranked in second place behind Dish Network for overall customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and associates.Dish Network: made its appearance two years after DirecTV in 1996 and has been growing ever since to where it is now with over 12 million customers. Dish Network also holds the distinction of being the fastest growing satellite TV service provider in the country. J.D. Power and associates ranks Dish Network number one in customer satisfaction.Sky Angel: Made its debut in 1981 and is an entirely Christian satellite service. While they may appear somewhat limited in the actual channel numbers and service options that they offer they are number one in Christian TV broadcasting. They are owned and operated by Dominican Video Satellite Inc and broadcast in an entirely digital format.Programming and Service Options Critical ReviewDirecTV now follows behind Dish Network in actual standard channel numbers with 250 but they do have a wide variety of channels such as ultra-premium sports and adult programming that can be added onto their programming packages. DirecTV features their “Americas Top” series of packages that contains a total of three packages starting with their 155 channel Americas Top 155 package. Their next package is Americas Top 185 and their third package is their 250 channel Americas Everything Pak. They also feature pay per view and 72 channels in high definition as well as free XM radio channels with most packages.Sky Angel currently features 20 standard Christian programming channels and 16 Christian radio channels as well. The are the number one source for Christian TV programming in the U.S. and feature a well blended selection that has something for the whole family to enjoy regardless of their age. They have no pay per view and no high definition TV channels as well and sell only one programming package.Dish Network is the fastest growing satellite TV service provider in the U.S with 12 million viewing households and still growing. They feature 375 standard programming channels along with a wide selection of multicultural package and channel choices as well. With Dish Network you get a selection of five programming paks that stats out with their 40 channel Dish Family package for the budget conscious viewer. Their largest package contains 375 channels and comes with 60 free Sirius satellite radio channels and is called their “Americas Everything Package” They have 38 HD channels and pay per view also.

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