The Romance Calendar – Romance isn’t just for Holidays and Special Occasions

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Ooh I need romance babe , I hope you know it's true
Hope you need romance babe, Just like I do too…

Okay,Guest Posting it’s not exactly the same lyrics to the Beatles song, Eight Days a Week, but it’s true (for most of us, that is). And just like the lyrics to the song “Eight days a Week, Is not enough to show I care…” Romance is not reserved for holidays and special days, it’s the wise person who is romantic on a daily basis. And being romantic every day of the week is not that difficult. It just takes a little forethought and imagination. I call it planned spontaneity. And let’s face it, sometimes we need a little help to add more romance to our relationship.

That’s where The Romance Calendar comes in. Take a look at your calendar. What day is today? Is it Relaxation Day – the perfect day for you and your love to sit around the house and read the paper or have a movie marathon? And what could be more romantic than Make a Difference Day? What could you do today to make a difference in your love life? Why not volunteer for a special cause together. Having a cause that you both feel strongly about and believe in is a sure way to deepen your relationship. These are just two ideas to show how much you care about one another. There are 363 other days to be romantic. Use The Romance Calendar to help you plan more of those special days.

JanuaryJanuary has many great days to celebrate with your love. They include: Turn up the Heat Day (Jan. 5th), Show and Tell Day (Jan. 8th), Thank You Day (Jan. 11th), Send a Hug Day (Jan. 21st), and Compliment Day ((Jan. 26th).

FebruaryFebruary may be a short month, but it is full of love. In addition to Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) there’s also Chocolate Day (Feb. 12th), Dream of Your Sweetheart Day (Feb. 13th), Cuddle Day (Feb. 25th) and Romance on a Budget Day (Feb. 28th)

MarchMarch on over to your love and celebrate Share a Smile Day (Mar. 1st), Call her up on Telephone Day (Mar. 10th), Lips Appreciation Day (Mar. 16th), Flower Day (Mar. 21st ), and Make up your own Holiday Day (Mar. 26th).

AprilApril showers may bring May flowers, and is also the month to celebrate Great Lover’s Day (Apr. 2nd) Stories Day (Apr. 10th), and Kiss Day (Apr. 28th).

MayMay is more than Creative Beginnings Month. There’s Lei Day (May. 1st), Naked Day (May. 4th), Slow Down Day (May. 5th), Tulip Day (May. 13th), and Poetry Day (May 21st).

JuneIn June we celebrate the flower of love – the Rose. We also celebrate Join Hands Day (1st Saturday), Sneak a Kiss Day (June 15th) National Splurge Day (June 18th), and Chocolate Pudding Day (June 26th).

JulyDid you know that July is National Doghouse Repairs Month? Special days include Carnation Day and Independence Day (July 4th), Get Out of the Doghouse Day (3rd Monday) and Ice Cream Day (July 21st).

AugustAugust is the perfect month to Admit You’re Happy. It’s also a time to celebrate Friendship Day (1st Sunday), Champagne Day (Aug. 4th) Relaxation Day (Aug. 15th), Kiss and Makeup Day (Aug. 25th) and Make Your Own luck Day (Aug. 26th).

SeptemberSeptember is a sweet month to celebrate National Honey Month. You can also celebrate International Chocolate Day (Sept. 13th), Born to Be Wild Day (Sept. 15th) and even Ask a Silly Question Day (Sept. 30th).

October Beer and Pretzels definitely go together when you celebrate Oktoberfest and Pretzel Month together. It’s also a time to celebrate World Smile Day (Oct. 5th). Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day (2nd Monday), Sweetest Day (3rd Sunday) and Make a Difference Day (4th Saturday)

NovemberIn November we have much to be thankful for. In addition to Thanksgiving (4th Thursday), we have Men Make Dinner Day (1st Thursday), and then there’s Sadie Hawkins Day -women ask your men out – (1st Saturday), World Kindness Day (Sept. 13th) and World “Hello” Day (Nov. 21st).

DecemberDecember has celebrations all over the world. In addition to Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanza, there are many other special days. If you need more off-the-wall reasons to celebrate, think of Bathtub Party Day (Dec. 5th), Personal Passion Day (Dec. 9th), and Make Up Your Mind Day (Dec. 31st), because then it starts all over again.

Excerpted from the book, Romance on a Budget – © 2005 - Heidi Richards

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