The Superior Quality of GSM Phones to CDMA

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The Superior Quality of GSM Phones to CDMA


If you have a cell phone in the United Sates,Guest Posting then you may be confused as to which carrier to use in your communications.  The classic solution has been CDMA cellular phone technology system in the United States. With AT&T on the top, there are many carriers that offer you cell phone service with the CDMA system.  However, if you are buying a cell phone or a number, you should think about getting a GSM compatible phone and a GSM number instead of a CDMA phone and number.  This is due to the fact that GSM phones and systems are superior to CDMA systems in all aspects.


The first disadvantage of the CDMA system in the United States is the fact that your phone is physically keyed to a certain number.  Thus, your phone would not work with any other number, as it would be locked against joining another carrier network.   This is mostly due to the fact that many carriers give you the mobile phone for free as they charge you for the service instead.  This is a good feature, although it restricts you to the same mobile phone, the same accessories and of course the same carrier service.  It would be very hectic to try to change carriers, as you would need to sign up for a new service and you would need to buy a new phone in most cases. Also, another major disadvantage of CDMA system would be the fact that you would not be able to roam, as the GSM system is the international standard that is used in 277 countries around the world.


 With the GSM system, all you have to do is to just get a SIM card and then that becomes your mobile number. You can easily insert it into any phone that you want and instantly that mobile phone gets active with your number.  This is a very useful feature as you would not need to change your Bluetooth or other phone accessories such as your charger etc.  You could just insert a SIM card that is functional in your area or you could just as easily use roaming feature that comes with the GSM system.  You could travel to any country in the world and you would be able to use the same phone number with GSM Roaming Technology.  With CDMA, you would be limited to the United States and few Asian countries.  Although GSM service is not active all over the United States, many states are covered by the GSM system.  You should check the carriers in your area before making your decision to switch to GSM technology.



Ziv Ismirly working with cellural phones for over 15 years. It has been a fun industry to be in. Changes on a daily basis - new phones, new functions, camera, better camera, video, sms, WiFi. Having a great time while keeping up with the cellural phone industry.

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Ziv Ismirly

Ziv Ismirly working with cellural phones for over 15 years.

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