Things You Should Know Before Installing a Satellite TV System

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If you move to a new residence, you are responsible for your satellite system installation, because all of the free installation deals that satellite TV service providers give are a one time thing. You have two choices and they are to pay them or to do it yourself and if you are going to do it yourself you should do some homework before you attack the job. Attaching the dish is the most tricky part, because it is high up on your roof and it has to be done properly, so don't fall and do it right.

Get all of your tools together,Guest Posting including a nice long ladder extension ladder and a medium sized folding ladder. You can rent all of your tools at a rental yard or at a home depot if you or someone you know doesn't have them. Find a nice solid place with a clear shot of the southern sky and then go into your attic and see if you are going to be able to run your cable to the place you have selected and if you can't then find another place. When you find a nice high solid place that you can run your cable to then attach the dish using new lag bolts that you run into solid framing members in the wall, after pre-drilling your holes. When you hook up your cable to the dish make sure that you strip the ends correctly and use rubber booted exterior connectors. Now run the cable through the attic, under or along the outside of the residence, making sure to use plenty of cable clips to attach it nicely to solid surfaces as you go. You may want to consider working in the attic at night, because it can be too hot during the day and make sure that you don't step through the ceiling when you are up there. You can run the cable down the inside of walls by first drilling a big hole through the top plates that you can find inside of the attic. Dill a hole and then feed the cable down in it with a nice heavy lead weight attached if it needs it or use a long “poke stick” if you can fit one in your attic. If you find yourself becoming over-heated and frustrated at the lack of progress or because of any difficulties that you encounter, take a break and drink some water so your relaxed and able to do clean, solid work.Run as much of the cable in the attic, under or on the outside of the building and if you go through walls drill nice discreet holes and then fish the cable through using a long screw driver or some other long slim rod. First fish a piece of string through that is tied to the cable and then pull the cable through. If you have a problem with the color of the cable, you can use a can of colored spray paint to color it ahead of time. Remember to take your time and don't damage the inside of your home when you do the job and then use a compass to set the aim of your satellite dish.

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