Solid Color Ties as a Solid Choice for Fashion

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While it seems that patterned ties are the norm,Guest Posting if you want to be viewed as mega-successful, you cannot go wrong with the properly matched solid color tie. Solid color neckwear was the only choice until English armies used ties as uniform accessories and placed patterns on them to uniquely identify regiments. Striped and patterned neckwear became popular among the gentlemen of the time. The 1920s brought artistry to the necktie and novelty ties were born. It wasn’t until the Reagan era of the 1980s that the solid color tie came back into its own. 

In the 1980s the solid color tie was either a sign of conservatism (in the case of normal width ties) or a sign of style and chic (among the younger set wearing narrow ties).  The late 80s birthed the concept of the ‘Power Tie’, typically a red solid color necktie. After the millennium, neckwear color became more subdued and conservative, making the solid color tie a major choice of executives and managers.
What are the ways to wear solid color ties?

One does not need to use patterns on neckwear to show style. Solid color ties are highly elegant. They are easier to match than patterned ties. Solid colored neckties are not only matched to what a person is wearing, but also to the tone of the person’s skin. So if one has very light skin, one should not wear a silver, white or yellow solid colored tie because it will only accentuate pale skin.

In addition, the function one is attending will tend to narrow the choice of tie color. Funerals are often black or muted colors. ‘Black tie’ affairs always mean solid black bow ties. Solid color neckties are perceived as much more formal than patterned ties, black being the most formal color of all. After black, the next most formal and ‘powerful’ solid color tie is red.  If one wants to emit an air of success, a strikingly red tie worn with a conservative dark suit is the way to go. The most important thing to remember is to match the quality of the solid color tie to the formality of the rest of your attire.

Matching your solid color tie

If you are wearing a striped or checked plaid shirt, match the dominant color of your shirt with your tie. A well chosen solid colored tie can pull together your outfit and show the world that you are powerful. It also makes a statement that says you do not have to add all sorts of frills to your outfit in order to look sophisticated. When wearing a solid shirt, choose a solid color necktie that is complimentary in color and that compliments your skin color. 

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Nobody can go wrong with a correctly matched solid colored tie. Sophisticated, elegant and formal, solid ties are the choice of powerful executives and stylish males. Look at for a large selection of lovely solid colored ties.

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