Translation challenges in Indian language and how to handle them

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India is a multilingual country. If we differentiate the by parts, We can see that North Indians use Hindi, Punjabi, languages. Whereas the south Indians use Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam languages. In West Indians Use-Marathi, Gujarati etc. languages. In Eastern, Indian peoples use –Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, Bhojpuri, etc. languages.


These languages are primarily main communication medium in this country. Though till now,Guest Posting we have 22 main languages used in India and there are 720 dialects. If anyone wants to translate this language they will face many problems during of translation. It’s best to work with a leading Translation Company in Noida for professional translation.


Translation is a skillful art. It is kind of re-creation in one language to another language. It’s important because this is useful for human activities in the various spheres. For a man, it is not possible to know every language. So if someone wants to know other literature, cultures, others living activities, education, law, legal requirements, for this reason, we can see the importance of translation. It is affected by a larger audience. Companies in Noida often have to reach out to people, customers, local government bodies and international corporations, so the importance of translation can be hardly undermined.


When we want to translate the Indian languages into any foreign languages, we have to face some difficulties. Not only foreign languages, this problem is same for Indian translators as well. If we translate a book written in Tamil languages into in Hindi or vice versa, we can see the problem. The same problem occurs when translating any Indian languages into an English.

As examples, I want to take a subject of literature because this particular subject will clarify the translation problem, more than any other subjects like Agriculture, IT, Marketing, etc. There are some professional translation company in Noida which can assist corporate and businesses with a professional translation service.

At first, I want to show the problems of Indian languages to other language translation. The epic The Ramayana in Sanskrit written by Valmiki. In the 12th century to the 15th century, this epic was translated in many Indian regional languages-like- The Assamese Katha Ramayana, which was written by Madhav Kandali, In Bengali ýKrittivasi Ramayana written by Krittivas Ojha. In Kashmiri languages Ramavatra Charita, in Tamil languages Kambaramayan by Kamban in the 12th century and many other regional translations is available for this book.If we go through this book, we can find that Original Sanskrit “The Ramayana” has changed in this century. In the regional Ramayana the main character The Rama appeared as a local man, whether in some books he acts as a godlike in Ramacharitmanas written by Tulsidas.

Given the importance of Noida as an emerging corporate and residential hub, the importance of accurate and world-class translation can be hardly anything but the most pivotal. Newcent is one of the leading Translation Company in Noida which author feels can be a good alternative for corporation and businesses.


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