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The advances in modern technologies have made the world a small as well as a large place at the same time. A person in India can access the documentation from Russia without much effort. This makes the translation of different languages as well as the type of contents a necessity. Generally, it is assumed that the translator must be having only the knowledge of languages in order to translate one text from another. But, as there are different types of content, each of them requires knowledge of a specific domain in order to translate the text. The contents can be medical, financial, legal, scientific, technical, etc. 

The revolution of globalization in our country has made the world small as well as large,Guest Posting both at the same time. The modern connectivity technologies ensure the availability of various types of data that are created and put together by people of different cultures having different languages right at your screen without taking up much time. This process shows the window towards a world having a very huge pile of different types of data on every topic, which makes the world a huge place but within your reach, does not require much effort to dig up something from Russia and make it appear on a screen of Delhi. To make these contents in various languages understandable there are different translation services in Delhi that are available for the job.

When we come across the word translation, we relate it to verbal or written languages. The best translator in Delhi, or any other region in India, must have to choose the specific domain of contents in order to gain expertise. As there are different types of content available, the types of translation also vary according to them.

  1. Technical Translation: This type of translation refers to the translation of engineering, IT, or industrial texts. The translator must have knowledge of the subject so that they can transfer it to another party.
  2. Scientific Translation: It refers to the translation of scientific research i.e., articles, journals, trial experiments, etc., which would be domain-specific. The translator must have knowledge of the terminologies that are being used in these texts.
  3. Medical Translation: It covers the translation of documents related to healthcare, medical product, pharmaceutical, as well as for biotechnology. It includes the translation of a wide variety of documents such as patient records, financial texts, etc.
  4. Financial Translation: It includes the translation of the texts related to banking, stock exchange, financial reports, etc.
  5. Economic Translation: It refers to the translation of documents related to the economy and the field of economics specifically.
  6. Legal Translation: It refers to the translation of legal reports, legal contracts, court judgments, lawyer advice, etc. It is the most challenging form of translation as every country has its own legal systems.
  7. Judicial Translation: It refers specifically to the translation of the court proceedings documentation i.e., testimonies, judgments, etc.
  8. Patent Translation: It is the translation of the documents that are related to patent documentation or intellectual property.
  9. Literary Translation: It is the translation related to literary work such as novels, short stories, essays, poems, etc. This is the most common type of translation utilized around India as well as different countries. It is also a very difficult form of translation.
  10. Business Translation: It is the type of translation that is referred to for the documents in a business. This type of translation covers a wide range of documents like financial, technical, legal, etc.
  11. Marketing Translation: This includes the translation of advertising, marketing, and promotional events. This type of translation is designed specifically for a target audience of the specified culture.

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