Why to Choose a Virtual PBX System for your Business?

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Virtual PBX phone systems are getting very popular among small businesses. These systems offer many advantages over traditional phones and come with no-cost installation packages.

There are lots of comparisons about traditional and virtual business phone systems. Well,Guest Posting the advantages and disadvantages differ considerably with choosing the right system, virtual phone systems certainly have an upper hand over traditional systems when it comes to range of features it offers to small business owners.

Making a big impression is very easy with a virtual phone system, you do not have to make big investments for call transfer, call routing, call forwarding, integrating home and business phones, etc. With a single hosted system you can make sure that you are universally available and no calls are missed.

For example, even if you are a single person business you can set up multiple extensions like sales, service, etc to feel like you are running a big enterprise.

Connectivity and customizability is very high with virtual and hosted solutions than with traditional ones. You don’t have to hire some highly qualified guys to just managing your small business connectivity and customizability set-ups; the hosted provider set it for you for free or for a very low cost.

Getting some additional and advanced features is easy with these hosted systems. For example implementing features like voicemail, fax-to-email, find-me follow-me setups, automated call routing, customer specific welcome messages, auto-attendants, receiving multiple calls at same time, etc can cost high amounts with a traditional system, but are standard in virtual field.

Most hosted solutions come with no infrastructure requirements. There are no equipment to buy or install. Most providers also offer you the chance of integrating your existing phone numbers to the new system and to use or get local and toll-free numbers.

But the best advantages are the better sales force management and better team building. No matter wherever they are, you can always be in touch with them. More over features like call conferencing, group calls, single phone number unification for multiple employees, call distributions and auto call routing facilities really help in achieving better team dynamics.

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