Cisco CCNA And CCNP Practice Exam Questions: Frame Relay, Uplinkfast, And More!

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Sharpen your Cisco exam-taking skills with these complimentary CCNA, CCNP, and Security questions!  Topics include frame relay, packet filtering, and Uplinkfast.

Let’s test your knowledge of frame relay,Guest Posting subinterfaces, packet filtering, and other important  Cisco certification exam topics!

CCNA Certification And CCENT Certification:

The Frame Relay command frame-relay map is appropriate for which of the following interface types?

A. physical interface, no subinterfaces

B. point-to-multipoint subinterface

C. point-to-point subinterface

D. loopback

Answer: A, B. On a PTP subinterface, you should use the frame-relay interface-dlci command. You would not configure frame relay commands on a loopback interface.

CCNA Security Certification / CCNP ISCW Exam:

What's the main difference between stateful and stateless packet filtering?

Answer: Stateless packet filtering only considers the values in the ACL - there's no attempt to determine if this packet is part of an already-existing connection, or attempting to create one. With protocols that use random port numbers at times - FTP, for example - there can be some real problems establishing a connection.

Stateful packet filtering does monitor the connection state, and that's particularly important when it comes to preventing TCP attacks. A stateful firewall will not only monitor the state of the TCP connection, but also the sequence numbers. Stateful firewalls accomplish this by keeping a session table, or state table.

CCNP Certification / BSCI Exam:

Which of the following ISIS router types can an L1/L2 router not form an adjacency with?

A. L2 in a different area

B. L1 in a different area

C. L1/L2, regardless of area

D. L1, regardless of area

Answer: B, D. L1/L2 routers can form adjacency with any L1 in the same area, L1/L2 in any area, and L2 in any area.

CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam:

Which of the following are Uplinkfast restrictions?

A. Takes 1 - 3 minutes to transition

B. Cannot be configured on a root switch

C. Cannot be configured on a per-VLAN basis

D. Does not run on Cisco switches without special IOS add-on

Answer: B, C. Uplinkfast takes seconds, not minutes, and there's no IOS "add-on".

CCNP / ONT Exam:

Cisco recommends that you disable compression if the CPU usage reaches what percentage?

Answer: 40%.

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