Zip file attachment error in Yahoo mail, How to Fix

Oct 3




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If you not able send to someone Zip file attachment and you will get error in your yahoo mail. Now contact with our team and resolve your issues.


Are you getting an error on your computer system screen while attaching zip file in Yahoo mail? If your answer is affirmative,Zip file attachment error in Yahoo mail, How to Fix Articles then you should check that your file is not exceeding the mail limit of 25MB. In case your attachments are bigger than this, you will get an error message on the computer system screen. In case the ZIP file goes beyond the message limit size, you need to separate your content into more than one database. And then ZIP each folder and send them in diverse emails.

In order to fix the issue of zipping file attachment error in Yahoo mail, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Compressing a folder in Windows

  • First of all, right-click on the folder you wish to compress and choose Send To.
  • Hit Compressed Folder.
  • And click OK.
    • After the folder has been compressed, a ZIP file will be formed.
  • After a creation of a ZIP file, you can easily attach the file to an email and then send it to the required person.
    • The receiver will need to unzip the file before opening that particular folder.

In case you still confront some issues in attaching a zip file, you don’t need to get worried at all. At such situation, you just need to dial a toll-free customer support number so that quick support can be availed from qualified tech professionals.

 Furthermore, if you have any troubles in compressing a folder, then you can consult a third party independent yahoo customer service support providing company. With the assistance of Yahoo qualified experts, you can definitely get the fantastic tech support within a minute. So don’t wait anymore, just get in touch with the this company to get the perfect solutions your Yahoo issues.