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Data acquisition systems involves the recording of real life data over a period of time, which can be used for storage and analysis, thereby providing great insight into the wide variety of natural as well as artificial processes.

Data acquisition systems are used for sampling,Guest Posting recording, storing and analyzing real time data. Data acquisition systems, also known as DAQ or DAS, records signals and wave forms of numerous physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, humidity, density, and real life data such as ECGs, EEGs, etc. This recorded data is then fed into a computing device, usually a computer, and is then stored for future analysis.

Data acquisition finds a wide range of application in wide variety of scientific and medical research purposes, which includes Eco cardiology, laser Doppler flow, micro electrode recording, etc. From the recording of data, to the actual analysis, it involves several minute components that make up the unit as a whole.

Apart from research purposes, data acquisition is also used in large scale domestic as well as generic data recording and analysis purposes, such as weather broadcasting, studying seismic activity, wireless and PC data acquisition, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCDA), manufacturing, power, water treatment, production purposes etc. Data acquisition is indeed one of the major aspects of quality and quantity control, which determines the ultimate success in a research or a production or manufacturing process.

DAQ systems are equipped with a host of electronic devices that help in recording data, storing them and analyzing the stored data over a period of time. The first step in data acquisition is recording the signals itself, which is done using transducers or electrodes, which are extremely sensitive to change in environment. These signals are then converted to a digital form, which can then be stored on a computer, and can be retrieved during the analysis phase.

Data loggers are significantly different to data acquisition systems, however, in context, both are used interchangeably to a certain extent. It might be noteworthy to notice that a data logger is a subset of data acquisition systems, and all data loggers may be termed as data acquisition systems. However, data acquisition systems are different and not all data acquisition systems can be termed as data loggers.

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