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The Dell Laptop E6500 is basically a business laptop that is meant to be used the entire day.  The laptop is made of magnesium alloy and is quite durable and is intended to be of heavy use. The finish on the laptop also makes it look quite businesslike.

The Dell E6500 looks like it is made for someone who wants to do some serious business. It is classic as well as elegant and has the right professional look that is set for the business scenario. The sharp edges of the laptop make this piece of technology very businesslike however it is very unlikely that you would cut your hand on these edges.

The hinges of the laptop are pretty solid and the laptop is sturdy enough to take the weight of your palm very easily. You can continuously keep using the laptop and it will not yield to the strain of continuous use.

When compared to a desktop,Guest Posting the biggest advantage that the desktop has is that it can be easily disassembled and the parts can be replaced as per required. However, to do this with a laptop is very difficult.

The E6500 model of Dell is just like a desktop. Dell does not hide anything from its customers and helps the customer to understand the laptop by including a service manual that is in great detail and is self explanatory.

The color resolution of this laptop is bright and fantastic. The contrast of the colors is perfect for any kind of work. However, you should make sure that you do not turn it to maximum brightness as this will hurt your eyes.

The Bluetooth mouse is another very useful feature. It can work without a track pad or a touch point.For the purpose of wireless devices, a hardware switch is also provided. With the help of this you can configure your wifi or Bluetooth or even both. Also there is a button present that will help you catch the wifi signal. This is come in handy to know whether you are in a wifi zone or not.

Dell has done a very good job in handling the heat and the workload of the laptop. The laptop has no heating problems even during prolonged use of the laptop. Therefore this model is indeed very friendly to your lap. The E6500 model can also keep this fan off for a prolonged period of time.

There are several other additional features that have please the customers, some of them are:

1.     Makes no annoying noises unlike some other laptop and is very quite.

2.     Brilliant color resolution

3.     Sturdy chassis that makes the laptop durable.

4.     Offers a display port as well as an Esata port.

5.     The audio output quality is amazing.

6.     Has a visible camera activation and the camera is of good quality.

7.     Feel good touchpad buttons.

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