Devolutions Cloud: Sync Your Remote Desktop Manger Configuration

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Devolutions Cloud is your entry point to your online services such as your Customer Portal, Online Database, Online Drive, Custom Installer and Online Backup. You are one click away from getting the most out of your Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) experience.

The Devolutions Customer Portal is the central web-based hub where you can manage Devolutions Cloud. Devolutions Custom Installer is a solution for enterprise deployments of RDM that allows you to create custom installation packages with pre-configured data sources and serial keys. I will discuss the other three services in more detail.

Devolutions Online Backup:

If you work with Remote Desktop Manager,Guest Posting you invested a lot of time in adding sessions and in configuring the tool. Therefore, you want to make sure that you always back up RDM’s database.

  • It automatically saves your sessions in a safe online storage space.
  • Restore your sessions in the event of human error or equipment failure.
  • Most simple, reliable and cost-effective backup solution for all your sessions.
  • The automatic backup is executed in background, 30 seconds after any modification to the data source content.
  • Works with XML, SQLite and Microsoft Access in our client applications.
  • Available for both the Free and Enterprise Editions.

The configuration of the backup tool couldn’t be simpler. To activate Online Backup, you just have to click the backup icon in RDM’s bottom right corner. All you then need is a free Devolutions account and an Online Backup license key. The backup icon will turn green, and your cloud backup solution is up and running. If you work with multiple data sources you have to configure Online Backup for each data source separately.

Devolutions Online Drive:

Devolutions Online Drive is just for one file: the RDM database. The solution is comparable to storing your RDM database on Dropbox. That is, your database will be synced with the cloud. The main benefit of Online Drive is that you can access your RDM configuration from different computers.

  • It is completely FREE, no limitations, perfect for standalone users.
  • Store and synchronize your remote connections and credentials online.
  • Access your sessions from anywhere via an Internet connection.
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Android.

To add an Online Drive data source, you have to click Session in the Navigation bar and then click the green Data Sources icon. You can configure RDM to always ask for the password to open the database. This feature is only supported if you use a Devolutions account other than the default cloud account that you stored in RDM.

Devolutions Online Database:

Devolutions Online Database is a hosted repository managed by Devolutions. It allows for storing and sharing of remote connections, credentials, and sensitive information.

  • No VPN required accessing the data; it is accessible through the web.
  • Full connection logs.
  • Hosted by Devolutions on Microsoft Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure.
  • This data source allows user and security group’s management.
  • Our client applications offer an offline mode which can be used when the Internet is unavailable.

It comes in four different subscription levels: Free, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The Basic and Personal subscription levels are appropriate for individuals, whereas the Professional and Enterprise subscription levels are recommended for teams. The main difference between the Professional and the Enterprise subscription levels is that the latter supports connection logs.

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