End Procrastination with Time Boxing

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Time boxing is one of the best techniques to help you end procrastination. It helps you make a slow but sure headstart on your tasks and help you be more productive throughout the time stretch. 

Ever had a task that you simply do not want to start? It could be a rather tedious one that you dread doing or probably a large project that leaves you at a lost as to where or how to begin. This can definitely lead you to waste a lot of time and end up procrastinating,Guest Posting with very little done for the day. Time boxing can help do away with procrastination and even improve your productivity for the day. How does this work?

The technique is simple. All you need is a list of your tasks and a timer. Time boxing is a technique that allows you to set a certain amount of time for certain tasks. Within that set amount of time, you’ll need to focus on the said task. As the set time ends, you should also drop the task, whether you’ve finished it or not. But the good thing about this technique is that it is flexible. If you find that you have found your focus and would want to continue with the task until you finish it, you can go ahead and ignore your timer and continue with the task.

Procrastination is eliminated by allowing you to give yourself even a minimum of 30 minutes to start on a task just so you can put a dent and have a little head start. This 30-minute task can serve as a “warm up” for you, where you can try to slowly do the task. As the minutes tick on, you’ll be surprised to find yourself immersed and focused on the task. So when the timer goes off, you don’t have to stop working on the task, you can instead ignore the timer continue on until you still feel like doing it. You’ll end up being able to do more than you first intended to.

Another way that time boxing can end procrastination is that you can set a minimum amount of time for the task and inject 15-minute breaks in between. This can help you start on the task, at whatever pace you want to work, and work on it in anticipation of the 15-minute break. The good thing about this is, once you feel that you’ve got it going and you’re working at a comfortable pace, you may choose to ignore the timers and the set break time and continue with the task instead. You can then adjust your time for the next scheduled task.

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