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Dec 10




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As of the GlobalMS patch v0.66, beginners can only put stats into STR and DEX, to allow quick training while on Maple Island. Unfortunately, INT affects how much MP you gain every time you level up, so you will now end up with less MP than mages from other versions. In older versions you were able to gain 100+ MP from the first 10 levels by spending all of your AP on INT.

At the start of the game players no longer get to choose the stats for their characters by rolling dice. GlobalMS now allows you to add your stats anyway you want,For more details With MapleStory Beginners Articles and a 1st job instructor (i.e. Grendel the Really Old) will correct them. Spend your free Ability Points at each level by adding 1 to DEX and 4 to STR until you become a magician.(buy maplestory mesos)When you advance to 1st job at level 8 or higher, Grendel will change your stats so that you only have 4 STR and 4 DEX, and give you 20 INT and 4 or 5 LUK. At first job, you have to be careful when spending Ability Points, as your selections will not be undone (typically you will only put points into INT and LUK). A basic rule of thumb for applying AP as a magician is that as long as your luck is 3 more than your level, you should be able to wear the equipment for your level.Maple IslandAt the beginning, your damage will be severely limited. The best training enemy for the beginning Magician are Green and Blue Snails. Try not to use healing items now. Save them for later. If you die now, your experience stays the same. Later, during the first job, exp decreases if you die. Now since the BIG update, it will be a lot easier for mages to lvl up. Luckily, the Magician's advancement level is only 8, whereas the other classes have an advancement level of 10. Also, a Hand Axe appears to be the best weapon for a Beginning Mage, since it has a higher tendency to strike for 3 damage.The first few maps have an abundance of green snails. Beyond that are the two towns on Maple Island. If you wish, there are also quests on Maple Island that can be completed. One gives a helmet equip, and another gives a weapon. The second quest may require a lot of patience, as it asks for 10 orange mushroom caps (orange mushrooms have 80 hp!) as well as 30 blue snail shells. Fortunately, if you have the patience, there are safe spots you can jump and hit mushrooms without taking damage, but your hits tend to be extremely low (1). The reward for the quest is either a fruit knife or a razor, which is useless for a magician, so if you want to sell it then loot or buy orange mushroom caps.Do note that the current Maple Island quests spoon feeds you to level 10, but some are too difficult for magicians.Once you hit level 8 and if you have at least 20 points of INT (which you should if you have read this guide so far), go to Southperry and take the ship to Lith Harbor at a cost of 150 mesos. You get a beginner wand when you become a magician so don't waste money and buy a wand.Do note that the current Maple Island quests spoon feeds you up to level 10, but be careful not to overlevel to level 9. In some versions, your SP will be compensated, while in others it won't, so be sure to check this before leveling past 8. Even if your version does compensate missed SP, it's still not wise to level past 8 because you will end up with slightly lower max MP.Victoria IslandFirst things first. By now, hopefully you should have at least 2,200 meso remaining, enough to get to the Mage town, Ellinia, and buy the first weapon that adds Magic Attack if you want. You will also get a beginners wand from Grendel the really old. If you have more, go to the Lith Harbor Weapon/Armour store and purchase the level 11 Common-Class top/bottom. These have more Weapon Defense than more your level 8 and 13 (Male) Mage-specific equips, and no monsters apply Magic Defense to their attacks yet. The level 13 (Female) Mage-specific equips have a slightly higher Weapon Defense than the level 11 Common-Class equips, but the slightly higher Weapon Defense is not worth the additional cost. Also, it may be easier for beginning mages to simply forgo clothing and invest their mesos in weapons, Red Potions (50 HP) and the ever important Blue Potions (100 MP)/Mana Elixirs (300 MP).When you are ready, either talk to the man in the ticket booth near the ship, and choose to go to Ellinia or walk to Ellinia. Walking is a good way to train, but running into high level monsters is more or less inevitable. If you walk, make sure you do not advance to level 9 before getting to Ellinia. (You may level up to level 9 and above if your local version supports SP compensation. However, it would be better to check with other Maplers 1st. Remain at level 8 if you are not willing to take the risk. Do note that SP compensation only applies from level 9 to 29.) Also, before you leave, there is an easy quest you can do in Lith Harbor. Talk to Olaf, who is near the right of the city, in the lower level. Once you've answered his questions correctly, you can choose the next quest from him. Choose path of the Magician. Once you've become a magician, you can go back and talk to Olaf again (whenever, doesn't have to be right away) and get a reward.Once in Ellinia, head to the Magic Library at the VERY top of the map and go inside. Talk to Grendel. Assuming you are level 8 with at least 20 INT, advance from a Beginner to a Magician. Grendel will also increase your max MP by a large amount, and give you 1 Skill Point (SP) to use. Using that SP in magic bolt would most likely be the wisest, as it doesn't use too much MP, so you can really start fighting.Three SnailsPutting a point or two as a Beginner into Shell Throw can make fighting larger monsters a bit easier as Beginner and early Magician, albeit a sacrifice of a snail shell or two. 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