How to add menu for burning F4V to DVD?

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Many people like to burn videos to DVD because DVD disc can store large quantities videos and even can be played on a DVD player.

But most don't know how to add menu for burning videos to DVD. In this paper,Guest Posting I'd like share you how to burn F4V to DVD with menu. This guide is also valuable for burning any other videos to DVD with menu. To get started, we need get a F4V to DVD burner because such program can perfectly burn F4V to DVD in original video quality as well as allow you to add or design DVD menu. 1.Add the F4V videos to the program After open the F4V to DVD burner, simply click add icon or directly drag and drop to input the F4V videos to the program. Double click the video file for previewing. Or you can select one and click "Move Up" or "Move Down" button to swap position.2.Choose DVD menu This F4V to DVD burner provides you various DVD menu templates to choose from, including Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others, Customized. Under each option there are many sub templates which you can select one for use. Choose one you like best and you will see the template preview on the right side. Tips: Template simulation controlMain: play or select chapter (Play: play videos imported from beginning to end Chapter: go to the submenu to choose video for playing)Title: chapter list pages3.Design a DVD menu If you don't satisfy with the built-in DVD menu, you can make your own DVD menu. Simply choose a DVD menu template, and customize the background music and picture by using your own music and picture. 4.Settings and burning Click next icon to the settings panel where you can set more items for the conversion. And finally, press start button to finish the burning from F4V to DVD with menu.

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