How to remove credit card from PS4 without password?

Jan 31


steve smith junior

steve smith junior

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In order to use playstation services, a user needs to pay a certain amount which is paid through a mastercard.


The payment details are saved on their servers after making a purchase through debit or credit card,How to remove credit card from PS4 without password? Articles which can be easily used for next purchase. Upto three cards can be stored on the account and while purchasing, anyone can be used. 

Remove credit card from PS4

If a user does not want to keep the details in PS4 server, it can be easily removed. When a user inquires how do I remove my credit card from PS4 without password, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Browse PS4 home screen.

  • Go to Settings, then Account management and after that Account information.

  • Select Wallet and Payment methods.

  • In Payment methods, select the credit card which needs to be removed.

  • Then, select the Delete option.

  • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


What to do if PayPal is not working?

Although all the services of PayPal are great but there are times when a user face issues with the PayPal account. Below mentioned are the fixes for the issue of PayPal not working:

  • Paypal is down: Access an uptime checker, as it will help the user in checking if Paypal is at fault or not working.

  • Confirm bank: The issue might be coming up due to unverified PayPal payments. In case, it was verified, contact the bank.

  • Use PayPal balance: If a user is unable to make payment through card, PayPal balance can be used. To use it, firstly the money is added from the bank account.

  • Make payment using a trusted device: The failed transaction might be due to security, so it should be made through a trusted device.

  • Use a different browser: In some cases, the browsers are faulty which causes the issue. So, try switching the browser. 

For further help, contact the support team of PayPal. The contact details are available on the official website of PayPal.