How to Reset Windows 8 Password after Forgotten?

Nov 6


Walker Stewart

Walker Stewart

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset Windows 8 password of the only administrator account after forgotten it using a boot password reset USB disk.


Un-oh,How to Reset Windows 8 Password after Forgotten? Articles you cannot access to the user account in your Windows 8 computer because of a forgotten password. What's worse, it's your only administrator account and you never made a password reset disk for this account. If you run into such a similar problem, this guide will help you reset the lost Windows 8 administrator password and get back in the PC in minutes.

There's no any requirement of technical skills. Anyone can take advantage of it to get rid of forgotten password in Windows 8. But please make sure there's no BIOS password set in your computer. Otherwise, the following guide will not work.

Create a boot Windows 8 password reset USB disk

Since your computer is locked, you can find another PC and download the Windows Password Unlocker, which is currently the best Windows password recovery app. Next install this program in the machine, and then you can start to create the boot password disk for Windows 8 as follows:

Step 1. Launch Windows Password Unlocker and insert your USB stick.

Step 2. This program will detect and recognize the USB stick automatically (see below screenshot). Now you can click Burn USB button and a boot password reset disk for Windows 8 will be Ok in seconds.

Note: 1. If you cannot find another PC, you can use a Mac instead as it also comes with Mac version.

2. The burned boot USB disk can also used to reset password in Windows 7, Vista, XP and servers.

Reset Windows 8 password with the boot disk

Step 1. Insert the boot USB disk in the locked PC that you want to work with, and boot the PC. While booting, please remember to press the right key to access BIOS, then configure the PC to boot from the boot USB disk.

Note: This BIOS settings step is easy. Some computers are pre-configured. If not, please see here to get the detailed guide.

Step 2. Windows Password Unlocker, with all user accounts in this computer listed, will open after BIOS settings. Make the user account that you want to reset password of selected, and then click Reset button. In seconds, the password will be cleared.

Step 3. Click Reboot button after password removed to restart the PC and remove the boot USB disk while restarting. When the Windows 8 sign-in screen appears, access the target user account without password.

That's it! It's very easy! Aside from Windows Password Unlocker, you can also try Ophcrak. But this free Windows password recovery tool doesn't support Windows 8. But you can try it if you forgot Windows 7 password.

Note: If you're afraid that someone clear your Windows password using a boot password reset disk, you can set a BIOS password or encrypt your computer.