How to Troubleshoot Microsoft “Click-2-Run Configuration Failure” Error?

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Be it during installation, download, update, activation or use, these errors can occur at any point of time.

Office is one of the widely used software from Microsoft. The suite comprises a number of applications,Guest Posting servers and services. A number of Office versions are available and you can choose anyone of them depending upon your specific needs and requirement. Like any other software, MS Office can also stop working due to a number of errors. 

Among all these errors, most of the users have encountered with “Click-2-Run Configuration Failure” error while using any of the Office applications. The error occurs most often in Office 2010 version. Before moving ahead to the troubleshooting steps, try un-installing and then re-installing Microsoft Office. This could solve this problem; otherwise you can download a Click2Run cleanup tool and fix this error using this tool.

Once downloaded, follow the below mentioned steps to troubleshoot Office “Click-2-Run-Configuration Failure” error:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the needed installation files for Office 2010. Backup all these files by copying the following directory to another location:


  1. Now, execute the CleanC2R.exe file from the zip achieve to complete remove C2R, including the virtual Q: drive that contains related files
  2. Restart your device and then execute the C2R once again
  3. Reboot the PC again and execute the file offcIn.exe
  4. This will remove the Office 2010 starter pack completely
  5. Reboot yet again and move to the ProgramData directory including Office Starter Installation Files
  6. Right-click the SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe file
  7. Select Run as administrator to install C2R again along with a new copy of Office 2010 starter.

Apart from the aforementioned steps, you can also choose Office repair tool for the same. The tool can be downloaded depending upon the Windows OS version you are using. However, if the aforementioned solution doesn’t work then, contact Microsoft customer supportand  team  get it fixed by a certified technician, who is available at your service for 24*7.


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