Import your flip video to iMovie and FCP so to edit flip video on mac

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Mac Flip to iMovie Converter helps you backup Flip Mino shooting records to iMovie and fcp for editing on Mac OS.

Most friends enjoy the fun from taking shoot of videos with Flip camcorders and then share the funny Flip records with family and friends after editing. However,Guest Posting Trouble comes when they attempt to import the video from Flip camcorder to iMovie, the tutorial says iMovie can not read Flip clips.

The fact seems to break the compatibility logic. Clips form Flip SlideHD, Flip Mino HD , Flip Mino HD, Flip Ultra, Flip Ultra HD are in MP4 format, while shooting form Flip Mino is in MPEG-4 AVI format. iMovie limits its accepted video to MOV, MP4, H.264, M4V etc format. That is, iMovie can support most of the MP4 records from Flip camcorder in logic.

The problem occurs may due to the differences between Flip MP4 and iMovie readable MP4. The gap between Flip MP4 and iMovie make Flip shooting fans feel frustrated when make effort to edit Flip video with iMovie,

If they have a Mac Flip video Converter installed on Mac, everything will be fine. Doremisoft In. Researched and develped Mac Flip to iMovie Converter for Flip camcorder users to fully enjoy editing and creating their family movie.

Flip to iMovie conversion is just a piece of cake for this program. The simiple logical of Mac Flip to iMovie Converter lies on converting Flip MP4 or AVI files from Flip handycam to iMovie loved MOV, MPEG-4, M4V, etc format on Mac. Furthermore, users can directly edit Flip records with Mac Flip to iMovie Converter, main editing function including merge, clip, crop, snapshoot, Rortate, apply effect, set audio or video specs, change resolution of video,etc.

Steps to convert Flip to iMovie with Flip to iMovie Converter for mac is as follows.

Step 1. Import Flip MP4/AVI files to Mac Flip to iMovie Converter.

Step 2. Set output format as iMovie

Step 3. Set a destination to save the output iMovie files.

Step 4. Start conversion.

Then: edit Flip video on iMovie

Now your flip videos have been converted to iMovie supported video formats.

Launch your iMovie and follow the steps below to edit your flip videos:

Step 1: Import the converted flip videos to iMovie

Select "Import Movies" from the File menu and use the browser to select the converted flip videos. You can hold down the "shift" button to select and add multiple files. Then click on the "+" button of your iMovie to create a new project, and name this new project.

Now you can see the imported videos in the video clips section of the iMovie. Drag and drop them into the timeline of iMovie.

Step 2: Arrange video orders

Drag and drop the video files in the timeline to arrange them in the order you prefer.

Step 3: Select transitions

If you want to apply transitions to the added videos. You can select "Transitions" at the Window menu, select the transition you want and drag it and drop it between any two scenes.

Step 5: Set start and end

Click on the click icon to switch to the timeline view. Here you can trim your arranged clips for more precise editing. Simply use the Playhead bar over the timeline and select your stop and end points.a>

Tips: If you want to edit your flip video on final cut pro, you also can import flip video to Final cut pro for editing.

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