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Establishing optimum inventory is the most important thing for any organization. For, optimum inventory is the level that is sufficient to meet the projected demand, but not enough to erode the projected profits.

But managing a modern inventory itself requires dealing with many things like identification of the functions performed by the inventories,Guest Posting establishment of correct relationship between inventory functions and inventory levels. Thus, to keep inventories at optimum level various strategies have to be worked upon. And inventory accounting software comes handy for it.

You have lots of options to choose from in case of inventory accounting software. The different options before you range from a basic wholesale distribution ERP program to full-featured, professionally-developed inventory management software.

For your inventory control and management needs, you naturally want to choose the best one. But the question is how? Luckily for you, it is quite possible today to choose a professional, customizable, inventory accounting software which is affordable as well as efficient for your business.

Take for example, if you have a distribution company, then wholesale distribution management and warehouse automation are central to the company. Herein, you should look for an inventory accounting software tackling all these.

An inventory accounting software is widely applied in different industries to track a wide range of inventory types. An inventory accounting software provides the flexibility and depth of functionality required to maximize both your profit and customer service.

Precise inventory control and accurate ERP/MRP information must be at your fingertips to run your business smoothly all the time. Overstocked inventory as well as out-of-stock items can be ruinous to your bottom line and reputation. In fact, it is possible for your company to take a nosedive to bankruptcy due to inaccurate inventory control. Inaccurate inventory counts could happen due to shipment delays, lost sales and excuses.

So management in the company needs to look out beyond survival in today's fiercely competitive business world. An excellent inventory control software solution with advanced features like kitting, serial number tracking, complete sales and purchasing functionality as well as ERP automation that is dependable and robust is critical in the quest for market leadership.

One such inventory accounting software is Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains Inventory Control which is aimed at mid-size companies. Great Plains Inventory comes with numerous features. Great Plains Dynamics / eEnterprise is developed with clear ERP work-flow. Inventory control has a connection to General Ledger and interacts with Invoicing, Sales Order Processing, and Purchase Order Processing later.

One thing which you should remember while purchasing inventory accounting software is inventories have to be priced shorter than net realizable value, barring a few exceptions. The inventories of by-products, consumable stores, non-reusable and reusable waste constitutes the exception. You can determine the historical cost of inventories using LIFO (last in first out) or FIFO (first in first out), average cost formula.

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