Know about the best 3D presentation software of 2016

Jan 20


vikram kumar

vikram kumar

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There are several 3D presentation software, which are considered the best and have become very popular owing to their many essential features and benefits. Prezi is the most popular 3D presentation software right now


It has a fair number of templates and a number of features that let you customize your presentations in any way you like. This software lets you collaborate with other presentations. Prezi comes in desktop versions for different OS. There is an option for editing your presentations offline and also choose presentations to sync and what you want to store on your hard disk. But for that you will have to be a premium subscriber. Prezi is free but the premium subscription comes for a minimal rate. Arguably,Know about the best 3D presentation software of 2016 Articles the best 3D presentation software of 2016.

Powtoon lets you create videos and 3D presentation that are completely animated. However, you can use this software without any knowledge of animations due to its simple and intuitive interface. The newer versions of powtoon lets you create fully-fledged animated presentations. Initially it only let one create cartoon videos. It is the sole website that gives stiff competition to the others. You can also share them on you tube. The pro versions start at 19 dollars per month. The free version comes with a powtoon watermark that is not there in the paid version.

Among the best 3D presentation software 2016 is also, Empresser. It is old but free creating 3D presentation online. Lets the users embed presentations on blogs or social networks. Supports 3D transitions allows importing media from sites. This is an all-rounder but lacks interface. Google slides is Google’s PowerPoint equivalent and are the best for creating online presentations. It may not be as efficient but is stable and free. It also has thousands of templates from Google slides and extensions from Google drive. Google slides let the software collaborate with contacts. Slides are software optimized for touch screen so using it on smart phone or tablet is hassle free. The slides are stored as html so the markup can be easily edited. They have customizable themes and, even include custom style sheets. They let users export presentations as pdfs. Slides are free but they need one to become a pro member and memberships are slightly expensive. Go animate another video presentation creator has features like drag and drop editors. The videos made on go animate can be shared on you tube. They can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

Haiku deck is among the best 3D presentation software of 2016 that is powered by artificial intelligence. It lets the users create instant presentations. It makes story telling fun and simple. It has an apple app and the web version is accessible from anywhere. After a basic membership charge, the software is free. Slide dog though not technically a presentation tool. With this software there are features like streaming online chat and remote control feature. It lets the user combine different presentations like prezi, PowerPoint or pdf. This software is explicably more expensive because of the use of artificial intelligence to create 3D presentations.