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Know the details of what POS retail is. There are a lot of things that go on at the point of transaction and the software has to be made keeping in mind each application that has to be performed during the transaction.

The point of sale is that point where a transaction occurs,Guest Posting i.e. the product is received by the customer in exchange for money. This is the point where a commercial document is issued by the seller to the buyer. This commercial document is a bill or a tab with the details of the product, quantity, prices and services that the seller provides to the buyer, this is called POS retail. Let's start with the basics.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

Before going in deep, let's know what an ERP is. This is basically business management software, with a series of applications that organization can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including:

• product planning, cost

• manufacturing or service delivery

• marketing and sales

• inventory management

• shipping and payment

There are many software, like the apparel software, that can be used during the point of sales and do the required functions for that organization. Obviously, the best retail retailers invest in the best POS software along with their hardware. The POS retail software has to work smoothly with the rest of ERP because all the functions that an ERP performs (as mentioned above) occurs at the POS. The more efficient this software is, the better. The retail Point of Sales software does exactly that; it is efficient, and thus it makes the task of the cashier extremely simple and easy.

Features of POS:

A very important feature of POS retail software is Data Synchronization. Updates on the sales and stock of POS is made on the retail ERP running in the head office of that company. A few common features that help you understand the features are:

• Gift receipts.

• Serial number tracking.

• Time based discount rules etc.

• Open multiple sales screen.

• Birthday and interest tracking

• Customer emailing etc.

Functions of a POS Software:

There are lot of things to be considered during a transaction. We all would have noticed there to be some gift vouchers and coupon codes, applying gift vouchers, redeeming loyalty points and collecting tender information.

Having proper apparel software helps to improved coordination and control, improved visibility and helps in delivering the product to the market faster and more efficiently. There are a number of functions that an apparel management software needs to manage, for example - Customer management, Style cost sheets, Order processing, Bill of materials, Vendor purchase orders, cutting tickets & WIP,Inventory control, , Credit card processing, Purchase orders, Export/import to Excel, Unlimited windows & multiple records open at the same time, Licensing & royalties, scan and pack etc.

A fully integrated apparel software can dramatically improve the way companies and fashion industries run.

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