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We hauled the X7675 out of the box and got it set up in record time. We were pleased to see that the driver installation seemed to be set up for the hard-of-thinking, with important points highlighted and in HUGE letters, just in case someone missed something.

Our little tag line at the top of this review has nothing to do with the printer itself but rather the stress of getting the unit in for review on time. Lucky for us,Guest Posting Lexmark pulled through in grand style and rocked up with the X7675 in the back of a shiny black Mercedes like a visiting dignitary. That was impressive enough.

The setup was a breeze and even a dyslexic monkey would be able to configure the printer from the PC interface. Before we had even plugged the printer into the USB, or installed the drivers for that matter, we tested the photocopy facilities using the time-honored method of sticking a human body part into it. Not that we keep human body parts around the office...

After the ridiculously easy setup, we tried a speed-run to find out how many pages per minute it could generate. In order to do this we started printing a book. A whole book. The manufacturers state that it'll reach up to 35 ppm (pages per minute) and from what we saw, in an office environment it would do so easily. It averaged 16 ppm while printing a text-heavy novel (now stapled together and hidden in Grandma's Boy's desk) and it is only marginally slower when printing double-sided pages.

Heartily impressive for a baby printer. It is a great advancement from the previous model and we really are loving the double-sided printing. Oh, and it faxes and scans too. These are not new features but they turn a mere printer into a whole office on its own. Now we just need one that makes coffee and we are sorted.

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