Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra - Home Network Storage On Steriods With TiVo For DVR And Orb For Mobile

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Do you ever get scared about losing your valuable investment in digital media such as music libraries and movies? How secure are your digital photographs and memories from electronic Armageddon? The new Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra Series of home network storage devices can simultaneously give you piece of mind and never before access to your home media entertainment collections.

The ReadyNAS name has long been known for features and innovation and the latest Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra lineup of home network storage devices continues that tradition. Home media entertainment is certainly driving the feature list of this latest NAS device innovation.

ReadyNAS network attached storage devices already have about every feature you could want in a network storage device of any kind,Guest Posting but the new Ultra Series are adding to the usual Netgear media streaming capabilities with TiVo streaming, DLNA certified machine using Skifta and even many mobile devices using Orb technologies.

Energy efficiency and a sizable increase in performance over older models is accomplished by using the Intel Atom family processor chip in the new Ultra models. The 4 drive bay Ultra 4 is expected to ship with a single core 1.66Ghz Atom and the 6 drive bay Ultra 6 with a dual core processor.

For comparison, the now end of life ReadyNAS NV+ NAS device is just a little over half as fast as the new Ultra 4 is expected to be. And while Netgear seems to be positioning these products for advance home users, especially media enthusiasts, I am sure we will be seeing these powerful and capable units in offices as well.

Later in the fall, Netgear is also expected to release a diskless unit of the new Ultra for folks that either already have hard drives they want to use or feel the need to buy them separately.

With the ReadyNAS Ultra multimedia desktop storage systems, there are a few multimedia streaming "firsts" that Netgear is proclaiming:

1.) First TiVo compatible DVR network archiving and storage device.
2.) First home network storage device with transcoding capabilities from Orb for mobile devices.
3.) First NAS device to use media shifting capabilities from Skifta.

When you add to that the typical RAID network storage protection and the ability to continuously backup all of the home network connected PCs and Macs with Memeo Premium backup this makes for a compelling buy even if the price is a bit higher than some competing products.

Naturally, with the emphasis on home entertainment media storage and streaming, this unit has to have great performance to keep up. The Intel Atom processor is essentially the same CPU used to power many more powerful netbooks; and the dual core version in the ReadyNAS Ultra 6 is particularly enticing.

If your family is like mine at all, then you are starting to accumulate a fairly expensive library of digital entertainment media of all types. So it only makes sense that you want at least two things from it:

First, you want your investment protected.

Second, you want to be able to enjoy your music, photos and movies when and where you want to.

These new Ultra series home network storage devices have got you more than covered on both of these counts.

Get the information you need to make a wise decision about buying a Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra or one of the many other home NAS devices that suit your needs and budget.

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