Office Informants with no strings attached

Aug 18


Dora H Biel

Dora H Biel

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Hardware Keyloggers – fastest way to guarantee a computer monitoring. Used for keystroke logging, a mechanism of capturing and recording computer users’ keystrokes, even sensitive passwords. Executed by means of a BIOS-level firmware, or via a device plugged online between a computer keyboard and a computer; logging keyboard activity to their internal memory.


Like a parent who wonders what their teenage son or daughter coming home late or not doing their homework,Office Informants with no strings attached Articles might be up to, an Employer has to worry about not a few but all the employees working for him. It may not always be late comings that disturb the work environment. There can be different levels of lagging behind on the employees’ part that can be damaging for the organization at large and it may not even be detected by the employer. With the turn of era and the scientific bull charging head on, monitoring employees should no more be a taboo if practised wisely. By one study’s estimate, 94 percent of organizations currently monitor workers in some way.

For many days after hiring a seemingly capable and sharp graduate I was wondering on how he was spending so much extra time in the office usually even after everyone had left and there was no such project in the pipeline. Because employers want that their employees do productive and efficient work within the working hours rather than just wasting time on the machines and gadgets, or just looking busy and sitting in late doing nothing. Innovation and technology has put us in a very grateful position. In this age we have technology like Hardware Keyloggers to monitor staff and possibly anything and everything under the sun that they are up to during their time in office and their PCs.

Having a hardware keylogger administered into my employee PC was the simplest and fastest way to keep a tab on his activities. These are little gadgets equipped for tracking so as to log and record information of keystrokes from any console of PC. A hardware keylogger is a physical device, such as a USB stick, a PS2 cable, or a wall charger, which records keystrokes and other data. These have typically been wired, but wireless sniffing types have appeared as well. Being completely legal since it wasn’t video taping an employee, this way I was able to gain access to his routine work, interests and any unusual activity that could be checked.

Gaining this visibility, I monitored his daily activity from searches to keywords to apps to emails, just about everything he was doing on his PC even if he switched to fishy sites or communication portals he was using. I caught hold of his emails with immense data leaks and company violations. He had been sending our confidential legal data to another firm and securing a secret position there at our rivals. Gathering this information through my technological Informant, was also beneficial because I had all proofs to put up a case against him.

He was caught just in time and held accountable for his misconduct and breach of contract. Even if it’s not a serious offense you can see the early indications of someone heading down a path in your company and a hardware keylogger is a crucial gadget to track down on such individuals The implementation of Hardware Keylogger in all employee PCs should be a protocol followed at all Offices to avoid all kinds of leaks, or violations.