Behind Every Successful Interner there is Speed test.

Mar 9


Dora H Biel

Dora H Biel

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  • Share this article on Linkedin is specially designed to check your internet speed exactly as it is, beacause most of the times internet users feel that they are getting less speed as they should receive. Therefore, comes in handy to check the current condition of your network and then you can compare that speed with the speed which your Internet Service Provider (ISP) promised to provide you.


These are the days in which internet plays significant role either one is at home or at work but that does not mean to have slow speed internet. Having fast and competent Internet connection is an essential constituent of the daily life. At times,Behind Every Successful Interner there is Speed test. Articles slow speeds get towards frustrating situations and with expensiveness.

Thus in order to have best internet speed across, follow the steps to have efficient connection.

Run a Speed Test. 

To ensure that one is having a proper speed, there are several free tools that make it possible to test the internet speed. Thus, firstly search for “speed test” on any search engine and then run tests via different services. However, one may need to get plugins install to make test run.

Though, different tests conducted will give user different results. So, need is to see the average figure that most of the tests are giving. This varied result could be due to test servers’ location in different areas while number of people online can also affect the internet speed.

Compare speed results with ensured speed

Check your internet speed to see if it is around promised speed by ISP or not. However, many of the service providers claim speed in “up to” numbers and not giving fixed figures.

 If speed promised is around the obtained speed then it is good but if one is constantly receiving lower speeds then contacting customer service centre will be effective.However, one should not get trap in the megabit/megabyte aspect as ISPs usually make advertisements in megabits, not megabytes. So to have better internet speed, be aware of these flaps.


Get turn the modem off and on. 

Internet speed test could get affected by modem’s performance as well. However, only reset can notably enhance your Internet speed. To see, if speed is getting boosted, turn your router on and off.

Secure the network. 

Speed gets affected if wireless network doesn’t have a strong password. One can spy or do any suspicious activity that can lead to reduce your bandwidth. So user should have to make sure that wireless network is properly secured.

By having secured and strong password, user can boost the internet speed while avoiding any spying or malicious activity.

Do not run multiple devices at once. 

To have better speed test, user should turn off all internet enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes or any other devices that are not currently in use. In case of multiple device connection, it will attempt to retrieve information from the internet; particularly video streaming, surfing or any gaming aspect and it will result as a loss of speed.

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