Please Defrag Your Pc Hard Disk Per Month

Aug 29


Hillary Pearl

Hillary Pearl

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Defrag regularly is a good habit for your computer healthy. Your computer will become slower with the software installation, uninstallation, and creating, deleting files as you use.


Defrag-disk is referred to as disk defragmentation, Please Defrag Your Pc Hard Disk Per Month Articles which is similar to disk clean up. Clean of the disk and the registry are a necessary process for health of the computer. By this process data is fragmentally stored on hard disk space. Actually, when any changes are made to the file the data is saved in another part in the hard disk and registry, though this does not affect the original file and it remains in the same location on the window. But it starts utilizing more space and affects working on the computer. So, the periodical disk and registry clean up process are a necessary process. For this windows provides a tool known as disk cleanup or disk defragmenter. While disk clean up is a manual process which requires your permission and assistance to clean up the mess and speed up performance of computer but defragmenter works on a scheduled basis.

People may wonder what makes the PC to slow down and how clean up disk can help upgrading its speed. So here is a guide about how it works. Basically a copy of your original data is saved on volume so when we click to open a particular file the computer looks up in all the drivers and then opens the selected one. This takes much longer time and slows down your computer. The usual process to open disk clean up has simply gone to my computer then right click to open the properties and reach disk clean up. By performing this clean up not much space is created so one should opt for more ways to extend disk space.

But in clean up process a trouble occurs and i.e. there is a space called windows disk which cannot be cleaned up by this tool. And this space contains a lot of junk files which are collected whenever windows receives an update. Windows junk files are created after each update. Actual system has a back up program where all the update files are stored and when an update is successfully completed all these old files are useless but remain undeleted hence occupy space and fill hard disk space. So it is necessary to defray disk and increase computer efficiency.

Before performing to clean up disk if you wish to see what these files are and how do they look like then open my computer-> Tools then view option and select view all hidden folders. All hidden junk files will appear before you. To complete the defragmentation process, delete the registry too, as it is also saved after each successful update. For quick and hassle free defragmentation disable all applications, screen savers, and other programs. This will ensure a quick and effective response. Remember that disk defragmentation process will take time so give a considerable amount of space.

For the SSD defragmentation damage depends on the process of writing data size. Although the disk clean up is a long time, especially for large-capacity partitioning is frequently used for, but the actual time in the specific operation among most read operation is wasted. Since finishing last data is stored on disk space debris, so that the data is written to the number is not so great as we thought. For a 100GB partition around it, making the process of defragmentation should not exceed the amount of data written to 8GB.