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Sharing folders from Mac OS X with Windows computers and devices is a lot easier than it used to be. The OS X’s built-in support for the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol, allowing read/write access to Windows computers can be done with just a few tweaks in System Preferences.

There are countless ways to copy files between computers,Guest Posting including great sync options like Dropbox, but if you just want to share one of your folders from your Mac to your Windows computer, you can do that easily. If you want to go the opposite way and mount a Windows share on your Mac, we’ve also got you covered.

NOTE:    Before you enable sharing, double check that your Mac is part of the same workgroup as your Windows computers and devices.

How to share a folder from OS X to Windows:

Below is a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Step 1

In OS X, begin by opening up the Sharing pane in System Preferences. You can find it in the Internet & Wireless section.

Step 2

In the Sharing pane, check the box next to File Sharing option; but don’t check the box beside it just yet. If you also want to enable also DVD or CD sharing, check the box for this service too.

When File Sharing activated and selected, OS X shows the IP address for your Mac.

Step 3

In the Options pane, check the box next to "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)" and "Share files and folders using AFP". You’ll also want to select which user accounts will have sharing enabled. You will need to use these user accounts when connecting from Windows to your Mac’s shared folders. If sharing is not enabled for a user account you won’t be able to use its credentials to connect to the Mac’s shared folders from Windows.

Step 4

If you chose to use the user-based file sharing method, you’ll need to set which folders to share. Under the Shared Folders menu, add a folder you would like to share by clicking +, locating it in the file browser, and double-clicking it. There may be a delay when clicking + while the system loads settings. By default, your user’s Public folder will be the only thing shared. You can copy items into it to share them.

Step 5

After that choose the folder you want to share. In this example we will use Share Me folder.

Step 6

Then click the Options… button. In order be able to see the files from the Windows, machine you will need to click to the Share files and folder using SMB option, Also you will want to choose the users accounts who can access the files.

You will be able to access your files from the Windows machine now.

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