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Sep 1 17:15 2011 Alan R. Jones Print This Article Live Support Chat Software allows website visitors to chat with a company representative and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a live help button embedded on a web page.

Although it may be hard to believe,Guest Posting life support software that allows customers and browsers to chat to each other over the web has actually been around for almost 15 years now. The main difference is the fact that now more companies are using it which has helped raise the profile of live support chat software a great deal as business people are realizing that it is still one of the top tools for communicating with consumers and offering them instant support as well as the satisfaction of knowing they are working with a real agent.

In fact, live support software is so popular that the US Army even uses a live support chat software device in order to help answer potential recruits’ questions as well as military families that are looking for help with reassignment, deployment, and assistance questions.  With this much success backing live support chat software, it should come as little surprise then that there is now a new generation of live support chat software that is slowly rolling out helping to make the software much easier to utilise from a business point of view and much more pleasing to use from a customer’s point of view.

The major problems with live support software right now is that in some instances it still lacks the human touch despite the fact that humans are actually the one’s doing the chatting.  This is due to the fact that most companies want to optimise the agents that they hire to staff their live support chat software, therefore they have agents that handle five or more conversations at a time which can lead to inaccuracies in grammar and delayed responses.  This can leave some more picky browsers disgruntled with live support software and the entire experience.

However, the new generation of live support chat software aims to solve this by cutting out live agents altogether thereby somewhat making the name ironic, but getting the job done in a much more efficient manner.  In the place of live agents on the other side of the live support software is a virtual employer that relies on virtual intelligence to answer questions and get the job done with the programming to make sure that the customer gets perfect grammar every time along with a rapid fast response.  Surprisingly enough, this software seems to be catching on as those who use live support chat software with this option seem quite pleased with the results.

From a business point of view, the use of a virtual agent that is able to be programmed to respond like a live human agent is obvious.  The average chat over a live support software service will last 18 minutes, out of which five minutes are spent by the customer waiting for the next available representative.  However, a virtual agent can respond right away eliminating the need for any wait and allowing the live support chat software to live up to its rep as an instant form of customer service.

Next, continuing the business point of view, bear in mind that you do not have to pay the virtual agent anything for its time, reducing the costs of actual hiring agents to staff your live support software or attempting to man it on your own.  For those who receive a high volume of chat requests, this is an excellent choice given the average cost of a chat is considered to be five dollars per session all things considered.  Plus, as always, if the virtual agent gets stuck the live chat can be turned over to a real human so that you do have to worry about losing a customer but can easily streamline the live support software service in most cases on your website cheaply and effectively.

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