The Usage of Contactless Cards

Sep 17


Jacob Watson

Jacob Watson

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IC cards are used in all the industries and the common applications for the cards include access control, hotel locks, staff attendance and salary man...

IC cards are used in all the industries and the common applications for the cards include access control,The Usage of Contactless Cards Articles hotel locks, staff attendance and salary management, school campus access/ payment control and so on. These technologies are developed by the semi-conductor technologies and IT technologies. It enables the processor to be embedded with a large capacity memory IC chip into plastic bases to make the cards. Basically there are two types of cards that include IC cards, contact IC cards and contactless cards.

Contact IC Cards

When this card is inserted into a reader the chip comes into contact with an electrical connector that helps in reading the information from the chip and also writes the information back. There has been an approval in this type of card for both the physical as well as logical reasons to control the access applications. Some of the common applications for the IC cards are student identification, electronic passport, vending, parking and tolls are used as common applications for the Contactless Smart Cards Cards.

Contactless IC cards

This card works at a distance of 10cm from the card reader and it deletes any kind of requirement to insert or retrieve the cards from the readers. It ensures user-friendliness and it also provides a unique serial number that is engraved in each card at the time of manufacturing.

Once this serial number is written then it can never be altered once the card leaves the manufacturing unit. Contactless Smart Cards have a range of read only low frequency ID cards, Mifare cards, TypeBcards and CPU cards. These cards are used for a number of reasons like identification and the electronic wallet. When the power is transmitted then the data does not require any kind of physical contact with the card. The users are able to enjoy the ease of usage with the contactless technology.

The basic difference between the two energy meters is that the Contactless Cards is quite advanced, water proof, dust proof and they are anti-attack too. This is the time of card technology and they offer the latest and the best quality card printers that are offered for various business as well as promotional cards, credit cards, ID cards, smart cards, memory cards, RFID cards, contactless cards and different types of card readers. The technology is quite widely used in the cards industry. So the contactless smartcards and the contactless cards are quite effective in various aspects.

Embedded with computer chip, a smart card can stores and transacts data between users and can be programmed for different applications.  The card data can be transacted via a reader that is part of a computing system. Cards like smart cards and RFID (Radio-frequency identification) cards are used in many different fields, such as finance, telecommunications, security, tax, parking, hospitals, retail and hotels and so on.

In today’s world protecting our privacy and personal information is very crucial for confidentiality and integrity. That’s why most advanced technologies are now used in cards to make them more secure and functional than ever before. Putting electronically readable technologies into identity credentials can add greater convenience for the cardholder, plus improve operational efficiency and security compared to identity credentials without these features. Two frequently used electronically readable technologies are RFID and RF-enabled smart card technology.

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