The Various Misspellings Of The Firefox Browser

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When doing online research about Firefox, you will find this very funny ways people search for the Mozilla Browser.

The browser from the Mozilla Foundation is so popular that a lot of people search for it on the Web,Guest Posting but not everyone type what it should to download the software, but some rare combinations appear on the search engines.

The confusion with the movie

A lot of searches include the word Foxfire, a movie where Angelina Jolie appears. It is possible that many people are searching to download this movie off of the Internet, but when you take a closer look at other similar searches, you will see things like: Foxfire Browser, Foxfire Internet. Such searchers obviously are looking to download the Firefox Browser.

The Fox connection

Fox has many searches online maybe because of the Fox channel, but a lot of them relates to the Firefox Browser when you take a closer look at other similar searches and find: fox browser, fox fire browser, www.mozilla (maybe these guys probably thought that the Mozilla browser is owned by Fox, which is not true).

Some write it without an "L", others add some letters.

Mozila is a very common misspelling and it is obviously related to Firefox since it is Mozilla without and "L". You will also find: Motzilla, Morzilla, Monzilla and the very funny Monzalla (maybe confused by the Ben Hur Film?). Some omit the "L", but add a "Z" as Mozzila, but others don't want to miss a thing and type: Mozzilla.

The ones that change letters.

All the people that type these: Nozilla, Moxilla, Mozella, Mozalla are searching for the Mozilla Browser. The Moxilla and Nozilla misspellings are understandable because the wrong letters are near on the keyboard, but the others were on purpose because the correct spelling and the actual letter typed are very far from the keyboard.

The terrifying searches

The most terrifying searches for Firefox are: Modzilla, which is some mixing between Mozilla and Godzilla (the Japanese movie monster), Godzilla Download. Although Mozilla sounds similar to Godzilla and Mozilla was the name of the Netscape creature which still could be seen on, Firefox isn't that terrifying.

The burning searches.

A lot of people type Firebox on the search engines to find the browser. While this is written on the search engines, most people really want to get the Firefox web browser.

If you combine this with the word download, you will be very sure that these people are looking to download the browser and not for a system to be warm.

The amusing ones

The funniest ones are: Mozella, Mosilla (typed by Spanish searchers) and the winner: Mozarella Firefox.

Use the Firefox browser no matter how you misspell it because it is the best software available to surf the web.

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