Time Boxing and Its Advantages

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Time boxing is a great time management technique that is very useful for almost all types of tasks. It helps in keeping one’s schedule and progress in line as well as in making tasks less stressful.

Time boxing is getting quite a buzz these days. More and more workers are swearing by it and there are a lot of reasons for it,Guest Posting too. Virtual assistants, secretaries, professionals, and other people who do a variety of different jobs are beginning to use this technique. It’s known to be very beneficial, not only in time management but also in keeping your schedule and progress in check. It also lessens your work stress. Let’s take a quick look at some of these advantages. This technique is free and very easy to use. You can even use this even if your job does not involve any kind of modern gadgets. All you’d need would be a simple timer or alarm clock, and the tasks that you intend to do. For those whose job involves gadgets and a screen, there are a lot of online timer apps you can download for free, or you can make use of some built-in timers and clocks that most modern PCs and laptops now have. Plus, the concept of using a time box is fairly simple and easy to understand and put into use. There’s no need for expensive and time-consuming seminars and trainings to learn the concept. This technique is also very flexible and highly customizable according to how you need to use it for your tasks. If you are the type who gets intimidated by big projects, you can use this method to scale down the task and divide it into small related tasks that you can easily conquer in a short amount of time. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed by the tasks but still get a remarkable portion of the tasks done in a timely manner. For workaholics, this method is very beneficial in lessening stress and finding small pockets of time to take a break in between tasks. And since it is flexible, you can choose to limit or extend your time whenever the need arises. Time boxing also allows you to successfully track your progress for your tasks. You can choose to itemize your tasks to see your specific progress, or make it just a vague idea of your task. And by the time you take a break in between, you have a concrete idea of how far along you are on the task and get to predict how much longer you will need to work. This even serves as a motivation, when you are able to see your progress and predict the outcome.


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