Time Tracking for Efficient Project Management

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Time Tracking is a revolutionary tool in project management. Its multiple functions help to make tasks simpler for the team leader so that areas that need careful attention are given due priority.

In the business world,Guest Posting behind every project management success is a good and trustworthy time tracking tool. Management knows this for a fact since this efficient tool serves several critical functions to the total success of the entire project. Its importance cannot be disregarded especially at times when a single project is handled by a number of people. In this instance, managers are forced to be extra careful to ascertain that each member of the team delivers the tasks assigned to him or her on time and in correct and quality order. And since every second is irreplaceable and valuable, having this tool in the team to keep everybody in check creates an increase in efficiency and output.


Before time tracking was ever developed, the completion of a project was left entirely on the human hands of the project leader or manager.  The tasks of setting everybody’s schedules, prioritizing tasks, planning deadlines, sending memos and notices to members, collecting and laying up finished tasks, calculating expenses and revenue, and billing clients were all handled by the officer-in-charge. All these roles and responsibilities which were placed on the shoulders of the team captain resulted to a lot of wasted time doing paper works. Other important areas in the development of the project that include staff supervision, project consultation and revisions that need to be given ample attention are no longer handled well. Exhaustion and fatigue overwhelms the leader that he or she may not be able to realize that other team members are no longer paying attention to their work and starts to slip up, miss deadlines and become less productive attitudes which can lead to massive loss of money and client loyalty for the company.


Horrible as these slip up scenarios maybe to the completion of a project, they are true. Without someone eyes on them, team members become so relaxed and forget that they are running against time. Procrastination often rules them, compromising the teams work and the company’s name. But with the introduction of time tracking, the system has greatly improved. Setting up schedules, monitoring tasks and deadlines, and evaluating each team member’s efforts are no longer a problem. These tasks have become simpler. The built-in time clock keeps members attentive and productive. Moreover, the leader can now give duly attention to every member and rate their performance level objectively. Calculating expenses and billing clients has become automatic, too. No more tedious spreadsheets to put up with. This tool has greatly revolutionized project management.

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