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VA tools are great for helping virtual assistants make their daily tasks easier to do.  These are considered “the tools of the trade” and every VA can benefit and maximize their work with the use of these tools.

Being a virtual assistant means being able to work on your clients’ assigned tasks over the internet or virtually. As the internet’s power and performance gets better and better,Guest Posting so does the ability to work virtually. We are now able to do more and more over the internet, eliminating the need to actually have a physical office unless it is absolutely necessary. But just because you can do almost everything online, it doesn’t mean that VAs don’t encounter challenges when doing daily tasks. So here are some very helpful VA tools you can get help from. These tools are readily available online, and while others can be used for free, there are still some that charge for a reasonable fee. 


Communication is one of the most important needs when you’re working as a virtual assistant. You will need to constantly communicate with your clients, especially if both of you need timely updates regarding the tasks. There are a lot of voice over internet protocol services and applications that you can use as communication tools for your work. Most of these give you the ability to manage calls to and from different countries worldwide with the use of only one phone line. Some of these even allow you to video calls and conferences, as well as instant messaging.

File Sharing/Collaboration

Sometimes, being a virtual assistant also means working on articles and documents or other files for your clients. This may mean writing articles or business letters, creating advertising material, or even videos and graphic materials for websites and campaigns. If you need to closely collaborate with your client for such files and you also need to seamlessly share it with them online, VA tools that serve as “virtual offices” are of great help. There are a lot of these services online but they usually offer the service at a cost. You just need to d o a bit of research on each service and see which one offers the options that you and your client will be able to actually use and see if it meets your needs.

Time Tracking and Billing

Being a virtual assistant doesn’t necessary mean that you will be working exclusively for one client. Since this is an online- and home-based job, you have the freedom to manage your time and work as many or as little hours you want, and plan the work hours with your clients’ needs. You will find that during the course of a day, you can accommodate tasks for two or more clients. This is why a VA tool for time tracking is also very important. You can choose from a variety of tools available online and set them up to calculate the exact amount of time you have spent on tasks per client. You can even get one that has accurate accounting capabilities and invoice options to bill your clients.

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