What to Do with Dead or Broken Laptop

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Even if the laptop works very reliably, there comes a time when it crashes. This may be due to a failure of some component of an electronic circuit, or as a result of an accident, for example, a mechanical impact. It also happens that a user accidentally fills keyboard by tea or juice. If such an accident happens and a laptop becomes inoperative, the owners of laptops come in different ways. Some of them just buy a new device, and the old one remains lie on a shelf in the pantry. Some owners of laptops throw inoperative device to landfill. Some of them are trying to repair it. How to do the right thing and whether it is possible to extract from the broken laptop any good?

Possible laptop malfunctions

Fault diagnosis is a necessary prerequisite for repair. In some cases,Guest Posting the cause of laptop breakage is readily apparent. For example, the device can accidentally fall from the table on solid flooring. As a result, this may cause damage to the notebook housing or the monitor. Another case, which happens quite often, is flooding the keyboard of any liquid. The liquid falls on the lamellae located under the keys, and lamellas contacts become oxidized.

However, the causes of many other faults may be far from obvious, and to define them is much more difficult. For example, spontaneous reboot the laptop may suddenly occur. Sometimes the device stops responding to attempts to turn it on. In some cases, the laptop starts working only when power is applied from the battery, but not on the power network. In other cases, the laptop is turned on when connected to the power network, but charging is not happening.

Whatever the cause of laptop failure, it is necessary to be determined exactly – otherwise it is impossible to repair broken laptop.

Laptop repair: at home and by professionals

The laptop is a complicated electronic device. At its repair two problems arise. The first is the exact definition of a fault, and the second – high-quality repairs. All of this requires special knowledge and skills, as well as specialized instruments, equipment and materials. All that is listed, it is doubtful to provide at home. Therefore, it can be argued that the broken laptop repair at home can be done only in the simplest cases, when the cause of the fault is not in doubt, and the repair does not require disassembling of the laptop.

For example, in case of overheating is not too difficult to remove lid of the laptop and clean it inside with a vacuum cleaner. Replacement of hard disk or RAM does not require serious laptop disassembly, too. But if the fault diagnosis is a complex problem, and repair requires disassembling the laptop, attempts to repair at home may only worsen the situation. In many cases, may be needed an infrared soldering station, as well as special soldering fluxes.

Therefore is preferable to entrust the repair to professionals who are able to correctly identify the cause of the fault and to produce qualified repair.

Do not throw away a broken laptop to the landfill!

It often happens that in the case of serious breakage of the laptop its owner decides that the device repair is inexpedient, and acquires a new laptop. Unfortunately, sometimes after that old dead or broken laptop became lie in a landfill under the open sky.

This is just something that in no case cannot be done. Electronic components contain many substances that are poisonous to humans and animals. Basically these are metals: lithium, cadmium, lead and others. Under normal circumstances, they are inside an electronic circuit in a bound state and are not dangerous. If there is a dismantling and recycling of electronic equipment at specialized enterprises, the technology ensures no environmental pollution.

But if dead or broken laptop is in a landfill and destroys under the influence of precipitation and temperature fluctuations, these metals can get into the soil and water. Ultimately, they may appear in food. That's why the throwing of old laptop in a landfill is ill-conceived and wrong decision.

But what it is necessary to do with a laptop, if it became a completely inoperative? It turns out that even in this state it can be sold.   

Laptopnuts service

For the owner of laptop it’s useful to know that he can sell not only active, but also the defective unit. Even if your laptop turned heavily damaged (for example, a housing or screen has been broken), Laptopnuts will acquire it and will pay a good price. Depending on the type and condition of the laptop, the owner can get for it to 80% of the original cost. Thus, due to the sale of the old laptop it is possible to compensate a significant portion of a new device cost.

Of course, if the laptop is simply out of date, and you want to buy more sophisticated device, you can sell old laptop by placing ads on the Internet or by passing it to a pawn shop. But if the laptop was completely out of service, the most reasonable is to sell it to Laptopnuts and get good pay for it. With regard to the sale clearance procedure on our website, it is simple, takes only a few minutes and does not cause any difficulties for customers. It is only necessary to fill in a simple form and specify the brand of your laptop and its condition. We offer a well thought out and easy procedure for sending a client laptop to us and we will promptly make payment. For customer convenience, on our website there is a video, which clearly shows the procedure for clearance and sale.

If your laptop has been broken, you can try to repair it yourself. But self-repair may be performed only if there was a simple failure that is easy to fix. In more complex cases, the repair should be performed by professionals who have specialized knowledge, tools and materials. But if you decide not to repair laptop, and just have bought a new device, you can still benefit from selling used laptop in spite of the fact that it is broken. Contact Laptopnuts, and we will buy your dead or broken laptop.

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